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This is the place to be for all nomad business. Do you fancy a nomadic lifestyle or already living one? We provide the information, insights and stories (digital) nomads need. Read the Nomadic Lifestyle’s box unravelled as well. Everything you need to know about a nomadic lifestyle in 1 simple blog. It is all inclusive – the perks and the discomforts of living a nomad life.

We live a nomadic life ourselves. Since 2015 already and there is not a hair on our heads that thinks of stopping. We know the pros and cons, and have the tips to manage all your nomadic business very well.   

Whether you are a digital nomad or an offline nomad with not so much ‘digital’, we are happy you have found us! 

Nomad strengths

Being a nomad is an acceleration for personal growth. You are probably already a relatively curious, inquisitive, open and adventurous person. 

A nomadic life will only strengthen these qualities. And it will challenge you in terms of resourcefulness, perseverance, flexibility and self-confidence. 

As a nomad you do not follow the path of the majority; and this can sometimes cause you to feel some friction in social settings. It helps you determine and experience what is really important to you! To choose and stand behind those choices. And you do realize that moments of doubt are always allowed, there is nothing wrong with that. 

A nomadic lifestyle comes for many of us from an urge to be free

Feeling free, being free, can be such a strong driver for a change of lifestyle. What does it mean to be free or feel free? Does it mean you should have a different lifestyle than the majority? Does it have to mean that you don’t work for a boss? Is it necessary to live as a nomad to finally be able to say “I feel free’?  

We perceive three things as the pillars of feeling free. Of living a free life. We share them with you in this blog. Check out what the pillars of freedom are and how you can create more freedom in your life yourself.  

If you want to be free

Living a nomadic life – a bed to sleep in every night and money

Two things are very clear: as a nomad you need to work for money (or at least you need money). And every night you need a roof to sleep under. These two are the basic requirements in a nomadic existence. 

This is our nomad ‘secret’

Our secret to living a happy and sustainable nomadic life is called ‘housesitting’. It doesn’t provide the money we need, but it makes up for a very comfortable, homely and satisfying roof.  

8 Tempting benefits of house sitting

Nomad work

Now about how to earn money as a nomad. In case you are not retired early or haven’t received a handsome inheritance.   

There are a few options at your disposal: 

  • earning money as a seasonal / temporary worker – offline 
  • be your own boss and earn your money in a location-independent way via your website or working online for clients (aka digital nomad)
  • find a modern company to work for – or gradually nudge your current employer – and work remotely for them (this is a digital nomad too!)

There are a few great websites where you can find remote work or new clients. 

There are also nice facebook groups in which assignments are posted: 

>> coming soon

The pro’s and con’s of living nomadic – nomad business as a couple

We love living nomadically. We experience daily adventures. Actually, we live a quite luxurious life with all the time we have at our disposal – or should I say: we make different choices considering the time we all have 😉 – and all the beautiful different places we get to live! And it is great to spend so much time together as a couple.

But it is not all sunshine and roses, to live nomadic as a couple. Sometimes you are just so fed up with each other. Or you just need a different trusted face to talk to. 

We share the biggest perks and drawbacks of living nomadically as a couple in this blog.

The building blocks of our wonderful nomadic life in Europe

At the moment we stick to Europe. You can call us European nomads. In the future, we definitely want to live nomadically in other parts of the world. 3 months touring the US. Living in Bangkok for six months or in Malaysia. Or Mexico. Too many wishes and opportunities! The nomadic candy box is richly filled. 

Our nomadic lifestyle is currently built with the building blogs; house sitting, public transport, working online and the sharing economy. Would you like to learn how we built this amazing and crazy inexpensive nomadic lifestyle, check out: 

Building block #5 ‘no own home’ > This is what everyone wonders about a nomad

Most of the time people are not so curious to hear how we live. I mean, people that have a normal life. 

I think maybe they don’t know where to start asking because it is so different. Or they have their own ideas. Maybe there is just not that much curiosity. That surprises me, because I am always so curious to hear from people how they experience things. Especially if they do things differently or make striking choices.  

But anyway. There is a question that almost everyone asks, even the non-asking people. You can read in the blog what everyone wants to know from these two nomads. And our response, obviously.

This is the #1 burning question people ask us all the time

Is there something you get asked all the time?

Call them nomads, digital nomads, virtual nomads or tech nomads

All digital nomads are nomads. Not all nomads are digital nomads. Especially when you consider that until about 7000 years ago, everyone was a nomad. So it’s not that weird 😉 People in permanent houses are the weird ones! 😉 

Here is an interesting overview of the rise of the digital nomad on  

Nomadlist is an fascinating website for digital nomads and remote workers anyway. Behind the paywall you can participate in a community. And before the paywall there are lots of options to research potential nomad destinations; what about wifi, safety, the fun factor, the climate in Madrid for example? 

Virtual nomads, digital nomads and tech nomads are synonyms for the same thing. This is Wikipedia’s definition of the phenomena: Digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and conduct their life in a nomadic manner.

Becoming a digital nomad – Will it suit me and how to do it?

What do digital nomads do all day? Where do they live? Why are people choosing to live as digital nomads?!

When the concept digital nomad appeals to you somehow. And you are considering becoming one. Then make sure to check out this blog in which we give you a tasty introduction to digital nomadism and the digital nomad world.  

Connecting with other (digital) nomads

This is a great and active facebook group with 150.000 + members: Digital Nomads around the World facebook group.

Members of Nomadlist can chat and exchange in an online nomad community.

Insurance for nomads

Finding good insurance can or could be a challenge for (digital) nomads. Safety Wing was the first company to offer insurance for nomads. Your insurance is not of a worry anymore! 

How to run a successful digital nomad business

Digital nomads are either remote workers working for a company, or they run and are building their own nomad business. 

We are from the latter category. 

Mostly, when you are a self-employed digital nomad, running your own nomad company, you are all departments in one. Especially at the beginning when you are small and not really outsourcing or working with your own employees yet. 

  • You need to set your company vision
  • Design your products
  • Handle all IT
  • Manage a variance of legal stuff
  • Do your marketing and sales
  • Customer service
  • Copywriting
  • Managing operations

And so on. That is a lot of work, and very diverse. But super exciting, educational, and sometimes frustrating. 

Create your Nomad Business. Get your Digital Company Registration done online.

Registering your business online can be quite a search. We spent quite a few hours in 2018 scouring online how to register our nomad business as nomads. Fortunately, we found an affordable, flexible and legitimate solution in a trustworthy partner.

Check out our solution for our Digital Company Registration. Then we were happy and still we are very satisfied with this solution :).

Nomad Business library for a successful and long-term-focused online Business

We have been online entrepreneurs for a few years now. And before that, we advised companies on performance improvements and implemented them. 

We have bundled our knowledge in a few killer articles. Use them and you’ll soon be on the right track for a smart nomad business. 

Valuable information for all nomads building or running their own Nomad Business:

1) Your vision as a digital nomad and company vision

2) Steps to start a blog or website

3) Online Marketing

4) Email Marketing and continuous Website (landing page) improvement