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For anyone who wants to successfully kick off personalized (and automated) Email Marketing automation in 2021 as well

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Think honestly: are you getting the most out of the relationship with your customers and people who are interested? To do so, Email Marketing is an absolute must. I tell you everything you need to know about personalized Email Marketing and what the best Email Marketing provider is. I go into: what is Email Marketing, why should you do it, the benefits of personalized Email Marketing. This is your ideal Email Marketing start; for a head start to beginning with Email Marketing in 2021. You’ll be up and running in no time.     

It doesn’t get much more personal. Even, or especially in 2021, email is incredibly popular. In the lee of the inbox and out of sight of others, relationships and trust grow quickly. Communicating with your website visitors or customers via email has yet to find its equal. Email Marketing should be the beating heart of your business, whether you run a blog, a web shop or a consulting firm. Do you want loyal and engaged customers? Then Email Marketing is for you. Welcome and keep reading for essential Email Marketing tips.  

Sneak preview of the top 3 best email marketing providers

This blog will tell you what Email Marketing is, and why you should do it. Trust me; it’s less plain and distant as the name might suggest. Well done Email Marketing stands for personal customer contact in 2021. You better get used to it.  

We’ve also written about Email Marketing software. In one blog we describe to you the basic setup and concept of such an email marketing tool. And give you tips on how to choose one of the Email Marketing automation systems. We also did extensive research on the best bang for your buck Email marketing automation software.   

So very welcome to read on in this blog or go to: 

The best Email Marketing automation software in 2021 > Top 9 comparison

We will also absolutely not withhold from you the top 3 best email marketing software providers in this blog! Here they are:

#1 Sendinblue – email marketing automation from $65,- per month

#2 ActiveCampaign – email marketing automation from $9,- per month

#3 Drip – email marketing automation from $19,-

** all prices mentioned are including the Marketing Automation feature. Believe me; you don’t want to miss out on this one. It is the core of personalized Email Marketing

We love ActiveCampaign. You see, we love getting something super good and complete for not a lot of money. ActiveCampaign grows along with your success and seriousness. Up to 500 contacts you pay only a painless 9 USD. So discover and learn care free!

An email list with contacts is gold for your business

At the foundation of Email Marketing is building a list of contacts. These are people who have shown specific interest in you. For example by visiting your website or buying a product from you. To get on your list they have made an effort and this shows their motivation. They have signed up for your email list. And they have given permission to receive your emails. 

And if you’re not building an email list yet? Start today! It’s a shame to let interested visitors to your website go and never see them again. Build an email list of contacts and keep in touch. 

So – now or later: you have a valuable email list with all valuable contacts, and you want something with it. You want to do something smart, personal and targeted with that list for the long term. 

We arrive in the world of Email Marketing. The world of personalized Email Marketing.   

You manage the list of contacts and email addresses in special Email Marketing software, and from there you send all your contacts emails. This can be about anything, depending on your business and approach. Goals are to strengthen the relationship, and to increase satisfaction and conversions. We do not go for a time-consuming and manual approach, but for an automated one. So that means you should pick Email Marketing software with ‘Marketing Automation’. We wouldn’t be making much progress otherwise. 

Why personalized (and automated) Email Marketing? 

Before I tell you more about what Email Marketing is, I’m going to show you that Email Marketing is not as thin as it might sound to some. Your readers really are waiting for you, when you do it right! 

The benefits of building an email list and the benefits of personalized Email Marketing

These are the 8 convincing reasons to implement personalized Email Marketing in your blog or business routines too. I explain them all below.  

So why Email Marketing in 2021?

  1. The people you’re emailing are already engaged
  2. Thanks to Email Marketing, a contact is not a one-time thing
  3. Having an email list (versus depending on the socials for example) in your own hands gives you freedom and independence
  4. Customers don’t end up in the big pile but are personally addressed
  5. Email marketing allows you to build a relationship
  6.  Thanks to this engagement, Email Marketing leads to relatively high conversion rates 
  7. Email Marketing Supports E-commerce
  8. Personalized AND automated Email Marketing facilitates you in your freedom with enhancement of your business goals at the same time

Personalized Email Marketing Why #1 > The people you’re emailing are already engaged

The people on your email list had to make an effort to get on your list. They signed up and confirmed their email address. Signing up is also a confirmation of interest in your expertise. Engaged leads are open to you and eager to hear what you have to share. You couldn’t wish for a finer audience. Thanks to Email Marketing, you can multiply and leverage this value that these leads represent. 

Why #2 > Thanks to Email Marketing, a contact is not a one-time thing

Think of a situation where Email Marketing would not exist. Someone visits your website, reads something, and disappears again. You’ll probably never see him or her again. Because that’s true in 70% of cases. That’s an incredible waste! It’s much smarter to make contact with these visitors and then maintain that contact. You build a real relationship. And that period lasts perhaps 10 years. Or 20!  

Personalized Email Marketing Why #3 > Having an email list in your own hands gives you freedom and independence

Email Marketing versus Social Media – who’s the winner? Online sources agree that Email Marketing produces 3 to 10 times more conversions than being active on social media. But perhaps most important is the independence Email Marketing gives you. After all, you control your email lists – within your Email Marketing software environment. The list is yours and you can download it; including the virtual address of your contact.   

You can’t say that about the lists of contacts you’ve been slaving over for years on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. At the push of a CEO button, those can disappear forever. You may be temporarily connected to a person, but you will never know his or her digital postal address. 

Email Marketing Why #4 > Customers don’t end up in the big pile but are personally addressed

With your Email Marketing program you can differentiate between your customers with a lot of nuance and segmentation possibilities. Depending on their interests, the heat of the relationship and behavior, you approach each group differently. In other words, you can deliver very specifically the value that your contacts want from you. The contact is personal and your emails apt. That’s good for engagement and also for your numbers. 

Why #5 > Email marketing allows you to build a relationship

Could you please think about the emails in your inbox that you get from your favorite regular person? For me, that person behind the emails has really come alive. They don’t know me, but I don’t dwell on that at all. I know them. And they regularly send me content that I can use. If I want to know something within the topic I think of this person first. It is a wonderfully familiar relationship that cannot be exchanged or imitated just like that. 

Why #6 > Thanks to this engagement, Email Marketing leads to relatively high conversion rates 

On average, there are several contact moments before someone purchases something from you. The number 7 is often mentioned. That’s how many interactions are needed before a purchase is made. You build a relationship of trust with your contacts by sharing valuable content in the intimacy of the inbox. A conversion – which is what you call a contact’s desired action (e.g., buying a product, booking a call or clicking on a link) – is the logical outcome of the built-up contact. 

According to the Direct Marketing Association in the US, the ROI – return on investment – of email marketing is on average 4300% for companies in the US.

Email Marketing and building an email list not only increase the chances of conversion. Ideally, the long-term contact leads to multiple conversions per customer. You can become the trusted advisor. The personal face that your contacts trust. Once your contact needs your expertise, he turns to you. And not to your competitor. If you do this well, then someone might just buy your expertise, product or service 6 times in a period of 8 years. Sounds good don’t you think?  

Email Marketing Why #7 > Email Marketing Supports E-commerce 

Email Marketing software can be linked to your E-commerce shop from, for example, Shopify. And that gives you many benefits. This means for example that you remind your visitor that he has items in his abandoned shopping cart. This increases the chance of purchase significantly. This is one example of the many possibilities to integrate E-commerce and Email Marketing smartly. And the great thing is, it can be done completely automatically thanks to easy-to-use Email Marketing software (with Marketing Automation feature).


Why #8 > Personalized AND automated Email Marketing facilitates you in your freedom with enhancement of your business goals at the same time

We – The Perfect Strugglers – are all about learning and realizing a fulfilling life and freedom. And want to inspire others under the motto ‘we struggle, you benefit’. We strive for a life that suits us. A fulfilling life is different for everyone. We mean the free life that fits you. Your best or most enjoyable life. Self-designed based on who you are.  

A free life is not just something you do privately. Ideally, you also experience freedom in your working life or in your business. Whether you run a blog or a multi-million dollar company. Too many entrepreneurs become slaves to their own business and forget what it was all about. 

One way to achieve freedom in your work is to automate everything that lends itself to that. Your business works for you and not the other way around. Why struggle over something if you don’t need to? Email Marketing and customer contact are great examples here. Don’t put half your week into sending messages that aren’t even more effective than personalized email marketing with a simple and well functioning Email automation tool. By that, I mean even less effective.

So we say. Start using Email Marketing automations today. And do valuable things with your saved time.  

What is Email Marketing? 

Strictly speaking, Email Marketing is nothing but publicizing – and thereby subsequently selling – products and services, through the communication medium of ‘Email’. 

In the year 2021, we are referring to a whole world when we talk about Email Marketing. 

Email Marketing is ..

> Email Marketing is digitally and privately and labor-extensively building a relationship with the customer, by the means of sending personally fitting emails thanks to smart software.  

So in smart Email Marketing in 2021 we tailor (‘naturally’, you might add) emails to the recipient. We take into account preferences and interests, and how engaged someone is. We don’t just blindly send some emails on the hope of a blessing. Nor do we just send a catalog of our products. Yet that may be a cross-section of products that we know will interest our relationship. We tell a story. Give advice. Tell something fun or an insight. And send the offers that fit the customer’s needs, at the right time. 

Email Marketing runs on numbers. Because the numbers provide insight into how the interaction with your visitor is going. Because that’s also what drives us. The underlying goals of Email Marketing are therefore ‘hard’. But the way it is done is anything but hard. It’s enjoyable. Valuable. And your emails are more than welcome by the recipients. 

Email Marketing goals and results personalized Email Marketing

The ultimate goal – or means – of Email Marketing is to send your lead the right email at the right time. That offers value for where your lead is at that moment. In a tone and form that speaks to them. Your lead has a better day by receiving just that email from you. 

Speaking of hard numbers, these are the indicators that go up when you do your Email Marketing right: 

  • Your revenue per customer
  • The customer satisfaction
  • Your Customer Lifetime Value: or the number of euros you earn in total from your customer over the duration of your relationship

Thanks to Email Marketing (automation!) software, personalized email marketing is possible 

Executing that fine-tuned and tailored Email Marketing gets done with thanks to special Email Marketing software. Because you can bet that no one is going to get this done manually. Or would even consider doing it. In any case, it is fortunately not necessary. From 9 dollars a month the indispensable Email Marketing software does it for you. Just make sure you choose a package that includes email automations. Otherwise you still do not benefit from the advantages of smart (because automated) and personalized email marketing.    

The best and most well-known providers of Email Marketing software are: 

ActiveCampaign is our personal choice. After extensive research, we found ActiveCampaign to offer the best price/quality ratio, with the very lowest entry price per month for a full-fledged package. Which makes ActiveCampaign perfect for startups. ActiveCampaign grows with you after the initial phase. You can easily scale up in numbers and functionalities.   

Take a look at the prices of ActiveCampaign.

‘What is automated and personalized Email Marketing?’ explained in 6 definitions

All words that may be new to you. You’re going to encounter them all frequently. Welcome to the wonderful world of Email Marketing. Here are 6 words to remember with their meaning. 

1 Email Automation: 

A series of events that a contact goes through. Sounds somewhat cryptic doesn’t it? For example, it’s a series of preset emails that a contact receives, based on “triggers” that you’ve also preset. Not every contact follows the same route. The contact moments (both in terms of content and frequency) are ideally tuned as much as possible to who that person is: how involved, with what wishes and preferences That information about your contact you store in ‘tags’.   

2 Tag: 

A ‘tag’ is information you give to contacts in your list. This is invisible to the contacts themselves. Tags are essential to organize your contacts and can be used to start an automation. By adding tags you can personalize your emails for the recipient. In tags you store various information you have about a contact. Of course this is done automatically.   

3 Trigger: 

A trigger is a signal that sets a certain activity in motion. Examples of triggers are: a contact subscribes to a list, someone buys something, someone leaves his online filled shopping cart, a contact has his birthday etc. As a result, a contact will always experience that an email is personal. Because it is a response to a personal action and also comes swiftly. Thanks to triggers email messages score extremely high on relevance. The right email at the right time. 

Wat is Email Marketing?
You will start loving triggers

4 Drag and drop automation builder: 

Using your cursor to literally drag and drop parts (e.g. emails, pauses, triggers etc.) of your automation across your screen and release them at the desired location. This is a user-friendly way of designing email automations that the best email marketing automation providers LINK all have. 

5 Funnel: 

Often this means the Marketing funnel or Sales funnel or both. A funnel is a model in funnel form, and shows which steps people (your potential customers) go through before they buy something or do what you want them to do. They enter on the broad side and with each step you will see that some contacts drop out (and the funnel thus becomes narrower). After all, not every contact converts in the end. A good email automation goes along with the flow of a funnel; the sent message must fit the phase of the funnel in which the person is. Does he just want some information? Or does he / she want a concrete offer? A good email automation executes your ideal funnel. And gently guides your contacts through the funnel to the end. Close your eyes and see it for yourself?    

6 Email deliverability numbers: 

The percentage of emails sent (by you) that actually end up in your contacts’ inbox, and not in the spam or not at all. This is very important! When picking the best email marketing tool, this is the #1 criteria that determines success and what you should look for. 

Email Marketing software is an indispensable help in performing personalized and effective Email Marketing

These are the main benefits of using Email Marketing software: 

  • The Email Marketing Automation feature enables the combination of personalized, serving large numbers of customers and getting good results (engagement & sales). With little time on your part. 
  • You use Email marketing software to capture and manage your contact list. There is simply no other convenient and secure place. 
  • Contacts can easily subscribe to your list, and unsubscribe whenever they want. Your contacts and email marketing software take care of that for you; you don’t have to do a thing.
  • Thanks to a good Email Marketing software automation tool you get to know your contacts better and better; their behavior, wishes and needs. The system records this for you, after you have set it up.  
  • By personalizing email marketing software you give engaged customers a different treatment than cold leads; for everyone a custom made approach that suits. By the way, how good are you at thinking in customer funnels? 🙂 
  • Email Marketing automation tools (you only need one ;)) really save you a lot of time! And a lot of headaches. 

These are the benefits of Email Marketing software in one sentence. In this blog we go into them in more detail and you’ll get a good understanding of how email marketing software works. 

The difference between Email Marketing, Email Marketing software and Email Marketing Automation 

You’re not the only one who sometimes gets confused by the different terms. Email Marketing, Email Marketing Software, Automations… What’s the difference!!!? I’ll put it in a nutshell for you. 

1 Definition Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a form of digital marketing where email is the channel of choice. Experts praise the high ROI (Return on Investment) of this form of marketing. In 2021 Email Marketing is not about blindly sending the same email to everyone. But we are talking about smart personalized Email Marketing. Where emails are highly tailored to the needs and characteristics of the specific recipient. For smart Email Marketing, Email Marketing software is indispensable. Including the automation functionality.    

2 What is Email Marketing Software? 

Also called Email Marketing platform, Email service, email marketing system or tool, or Email Marketing provider. The words all refer to the same thing. Namely to useful software that supports you and many other marketers in building and managing an email list. And with which you can send these contacts customized and personalized mail in (very) large numbers. You do not download the software on your PC. You work in the cloud of the provider and there you log into your environment. The contact list is owned by you. 

3 What is Email Marketing Automation Software? 

Email Marketing Automation is the ability to send emails to users who are time- or action-triggered. This optimizes their relevance. After all, they are responding to a special signal. You set up the email schedule in advance. And the software sends the mails automatically when the signal is activated. A signal or ‘trigger’ to use the jargon is, for example, that a contact clicks on a link. Visits a certain page.  Or that 5 days have passed since the last contact.

You can choose the triggers yourself. You are always in charge and in control of what you want at what time. Email Automation is a function within Email Marketing software. So make sure the software package you choose is comprehensive enough, because you don’t want to miss out on this option.       

The best automated Email Marketing tools

We’ve done extensive research on who offers the best email marketing automation software. For all the in’s and out’s of our email marketing software research, read on by following the link.  

Long story short. Here’s the top 4 best providers: 

#1 SendinBlue

#2 ActiveCampaign

#3 Drip 

# 4 Mailerlite

You can test Email Marketing tools for free

  • Winner Sendinblue you can test for free for as long as you want! (up to 300 emails per day)
  • The #1 best and cheapest and our favorite ActiveCampaign you can try for free for 14 days 

There are two providers I would like to bring to your special attention: 

  • Moosend is the only provider you can test for free without their logo being displayed in your emails. Email Marketing automation package = $ZERO,- per month!
  • Getresponse is an extremely interesting provider if you hold or want to hold webinars. You test them for free for 30 (!) days. Package including automation starts at $49,- per month.
  • Constant Contact offers a long trial period of 30 days. Subscription starts at $45,-

Smart and personalized Email Marketing – how to start in 12 bullets

#1 Forming your email list 

  • Purchase and activate an optin plugin. We have this optin and are very happy with it. And the great thing is; you can purchase the plugin all at once; there’s no need to sign up for a monthly subscription with an accompanying invoice. 
  • Subscribe to a good email marketing automation software provider.
  • People can now sign up for your email list on your website. (Be sure to give them a good reason)  

#2 Start sending emails 

  • Get to know your customers: who is my customer? What groups of customers can I distinguish and what do they want? What do I want to achieve with them? 
  • There are two ways to send emails – campaign and automation
  • A campaign is the closest to a static email as you know it from the past
  • An automation can be seen as a route of possible messages that a contact follows. His behavior or preferences trigger the right email. 
  • So what do you do: you compose emails and make them ready
  • Read more about how email marketing automation LINK software works

#3 analyze your Email Marketing results and optimize

  • Look at the standard reports on your campaigns and automations. What are the open rates? How often are your links clicked? How many unsubscribes? 
  • Every improvement contributes to creating and retaining more engagement, and ultimately to converting. There are endless things you can do to improve your automations and funnels:  
    • write better email titles so that more emails are read
    • Better timing of the emails,
    • improve the content of your emails, 
    • better offers, 
    • segment contacts more accurately etc.  

This is a very short bullet list. But fortunately, we are also happy to take you through in detail how designing email marketing automations works, what to think about and how to get started. 

#4 Enjoy a tool that takes a lot of work out of your hands and provides results: 

  • Congratulations, you have a few nice email automations in place that you know – because tested – send the group of contacts relevant and valued emails
  • these mails keep the involvement high and are seen as valuable
  • new website visitors who leave their email address are also automatically included in the whole process. Customers feel that they are really in touch with you and will quickly think of you when they need someone within your expertise. As an authority you are Top of Mind
  • And you have your hands free!

Why wait with automated and personalized email marketing? 

Choose one of these excellent providers – because you can’t go wrong with one of them – and get started this week! It’s not hard; but addictive, satisfying and lucrative.