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2015 Was our year of change. We got rid of our possessions and started traveling the world.

How to stay motivatedWe are slow travelers, online entrepreneurs and dedicated house & pet sitters. We are The Perfect Strugglers.  

We believe that freedom, opportunities, joy, skills and wisdom will follow after struggle.

You benefit from our struggles. We share our stories, struggles and lessons learned with you.  We wish our blog will inspire you to do what is good for you. Struggle is the beginning of something beautiful.

Learn how our adventure as The Perfect Strugglers started.


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(..) “achieving life is not the equivalent of avoiding death. Joy is not ‘the absence of pain,’ intelligence is not ‘the absence of stupidity,’ light is not ‘the absence of darkness,’ (..) It is not death that we wish to avoid, but life that we wish to live.”

Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged

Prepare your trip without stress – in 22 easy steps

We travel and live around the world for 4 years and want you to benefit from our unique lessons learned. Go to our priceless overview of the 22 essential steps to prepare a memorable trip without stress.

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What is up next for the perfect strugglers?
  • May – becoming auntie & uncle in the Netherlands
  • June – taking care of three cats in Hamburg, Germany
  • July & August – enjoying the company of three dogs (1 Chihuahua ;)), 2 rabbits and a horse in Sotogrande, Spain
  • August – pet sitting two dogs in Barcelona, Spain
  • September – taking care of two dogs and Paul the cat close to Cahors, France
  • September / October – house sitting with 2 dogs and 2 horses in the Dordogne, France
  • October – Family & Friends visit, the Netherlands
  • November / December – sitting 8 horses, 2 donkeys, chicken, pigs, dogs, cats @ Morvan Rustique in France
  • December / January / February 2020 – back to our beloved Costa del Sol for pet sitting at 2 different places, Spain
  • February 2020 and … Let’s see what life brings us!

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Travel on a budget through Europe – great tips for cheap and convenient transport

We became experts in traveling on a budget through Europe. It has been already more than 2 years that we live nomadic in Europe. Europe feels like our country. On average we switch places every 3 weeks. So that means after 21 nights in the same bed we hit the road again and travel to …