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How do you like your personal growth? Are you struggling with something and do you like to turn your struggle into something good? Turning life struggles into Perfect Struggles. That is how we became The Perfect Strugglers in the first place.

Or do you like to combine personal growth and traveling the world? Not a bad choice.

You can also start to throw all that redundant stuff away and to stop doing what doesn’t serve you, and find personal growth in the space that is created. Living with less; less but better.

Or perhaps you think being a (digital) nomad and growing personally makes a great combination? We do think so!

Personal growth ‘the profound way’ is possible too. It is about seeing what there is, the abundance of it all, although it might look simple or bare. I am talking about the Power of Now and Mindfulness practice here.

Self improvement exists in so many ways. There are countless interesting angles. We bring you Self Improvement inspiration and genius tips.

Life struggles

Dealing well with life struggles. This is how. We discuss all your struggles.

personal growth

Travel the world

Traveling the world. Enjoy & grow. How to do it affordable, great destinations, the best ways to travel the world.

Travel to grow

Living with Less

The perks of Living with less. What Living with Less & Minimalism mean. The potential benefits are huge.

Minimalism and personal growth

Nomad business

Choose and elevate your Nomad Business. All your (digital) nomad business: the lifestyle, the practical stuff, running an online business the smart way.

becoming a digital nomad

The Power of Now

Tap into the Power of Now. And do it: now! 🙂

spiritual growth

Self Improve-ment

Skills – insights – motivation – self knowledge – the Self Improvement best books

personal development skills