Life struggles and more struggles – ‘I am struggling and this is where I should be’

This is to all people with life struggles and other struggles out there. 

Are you struggling at work, are you struggling to lose weight? Struggling emotionally, struggling financially or precisely struggling from success?

Are you a struggling girl, a struggling man, a struggling artist, a struggling mom or dad, a struggling entrepreneur or a struggling student? A struggling person? You are all welcome. 

Come struggling with us

Everyone struggles every now and then. There is nothing wrong with that. It might not be visible from the outside, but you are not the only one out there struggling.  

We are The Perfect Strugglers so we understand what you’re going through. We are here to help you with your struggles. To help understand what is happening, to deal with your life struggle in a healthy way.

We help take pressure off of your struggle. To feel better, but also to use this moment of struggle to grow personally.  

Effective advice for coping with life struggles and personal struggle

Personal struggles and life struggles are of many kinds. Effective coping with personal struggles has a common thread. JD shares 8 great tips to deal with your personal struggle and tells you what is his. These 8 tips will help you greatly, whatever that struggle is. 

How to deal with personal struggle 

Struggling with stress

Stress can be all-consuming. Stress can also be a constant subtle undertone in your life, in everything you do. Either way, struggling with stress is an unpleasant feeling, makes you less effective, and is not good for your health. Fortunately, there are all kinds of tools for coping with stress struggles.

Our complete guide for coping with stress

Struggling with stress

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JD & Marleen are The Perfect Strugglers, and they have their own life struggles too (obviously)

Marleen can be quite occupied by her emotions and feelings and thoughts.

Jd not always has an easy time finding what he likes, what he is good at and managing his energy.

We all are sometimes struggling aren’t we. The bad thing is that most people are more open about their success and happiness then about their struggles.

But counting the amount of self help books in the book store, I know for a fact you and me are not alone. We are happy to share 2 of our own struggles with you. Marleen was struggling emotionally in Portugal, in a place where she had actually wanted to have a wonderful time. And JD was struggling at work.

A personal story about uneasy feelings and loneliness – struggling emotionally

Marleen found herself at a beautiful place in Portugal. She was about to stay there for 10 weeks. The ocean was nearby, she was there with JD and she was looking back on a few great weeks with friends, family and travels. Still she was struggling emotionally.

Or should I say ‘hence’ she was struggling emotionally. She was there all alone with herself and silence. Nothing much going on. So she had a clear view from her balcony on what was inside here. And that was not easy.

Check out this story about struggling emotionally and how to deal with those struggles.  

Struggling at work – 40 hours per week is too much to not to try to change something

Your colleagues won’t admit it but many of them probably struggle every now and then as well. JD doesn’t have real problems to be open about struggling at work. ‘How to reach my full potential?’ he was wondering. Is this it? 

Struggling at work – quest for reaching my full potential.

For all struggles in life – here’s how to make your life struggle manageable and work through it

Life struggles feel challenging. You probably experience your struggle as uncomfortable and unwanted. Still, I think there’s something nice for you to get out of it. And also I think your struggle is more manageable than you think. With a few steps you can at least bring some air into your struggle.  

How can one look positively on something like a struggle?!

It may be an exaggeration when I say that we, as The Perfect Struggles, are fans of struggles. But we do find it very interesting to turn a life struggle around.

How can I deal with this struggle as constructively as possible – for myself and others. And what can I learn from it? That are the questions we ask ourselves to this end. 

In the heat of the struggle it is not always easy to take this observing and contemplative position. But it is the way to an advancement. It is necessary to be or to step out of the intense emotions in order to do so.   

Turning life struggles into perfect struggles

In short; we like to turn life struggles into perfect struggles. 

To use something heavy and difficult for something worthwhile. To turn a struggle into growth. 

One element is also to see the positivity in the struggle. Or the challenge, or the fun, or that it is just there and nothing more. Whatever suits you; but we recommend not to label it in a black & white world as something “bad”. 

8 Steps to deal with life struggles in a positive way

This is how you can make your life struggle more manageable and bearable. And this is how you come out stronger. 

Experiencing a life struggle? This is how to turn your struggle into a perfect struggle. Take these steps for a better experience, to feel more air, and to take a tiny step at a time, which is good enough. This is what a perfect struggle looks like.

#1 You struggle because you are trying something

You struggle because you want something that is not there in that way right now. You want something or you want something to go away. Struggling doesn’t feel good. It’s not going the way you want. 

#2 To struggle does not mean a neutral process

It means you are experiencing intense or negative emotions with it. You become aware of your emotions when struggling and examine them. How do they feel? What judgments do you have on those emotions? What (additional) stories come up in response to the feelings? You do the same with the thoughts you have. 

#3 You become aware of the expectations you have

For example of yourself, the situation or the result. 

#4 You see and live through that it is OK as it is now

Everything is as it should be. You are where you should be. 

#5 Be mild and return (back) to an open mind without judgments

You are allowed to learn. You are doing just fine. It doesn’t have to be right all at once. One step at a time. Steadily taking a mini-step each day is better than taking a big step once in a while. It’s all about learning. Only with an open mind are you able to learn – Not Perfection but Progress. Get out of the panic; it won’t help you. 

#6 Get on with doing and keep moving

Including an awareness on the process. What are you thinking? And: What do you feel? What are you learning about yourself? Where are your convictions and where are you giving yourself little slack? Hold the gentle gaze toward yourself and the struggle.  

#7 Nice, you did it!

You are a (small) step further on and you have learned:  

  • you have made progress
  • there is reason to be proud of yourself
  • next time there is no need to be so harsh in your judgment of the struggle. It is ok. It’s part of it.
  • you haven’t stopped
  • you have learned
  • you have expanded your boundaries and your world
  • those intense emotions are not the end but even the beginning of personal growth
  • this gives confidence for the next time right? 

#8 On to the next Perfect Struggle: you better enjoy it (a bit)!

Be proud of your struggles. It means you are alive and moving. They are Perfect Struggles.

Freedom, opportunities and so much more will be your struggle reward

We are The Perfect Strugglers. And we believe that freedom, opportunities, joy, skills and wisdom will follow after struggle.’ 

You will find that as you continue to practice this, this grounding attitude toward your struggles, that your struggles will begin to feel less like struggles. Less intense, less problematic and less absolute.

You will gain confidence and keep more overview and distance from the struggle. It is not inevitable to sink into it. 

How you frame things

You can do more than you think. The way you struggle is a matter of perspective. Even if it doesn’t feel that way. And even if it is now difficult to see the truth in this remark.

Does this remark feel offensive and then why is that? See it as food for thought. 

We wish you strength and perseverance. 

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