Travel the world for wisdom and fun

Travel the world, and you don’t know what it will bring you. But that something valuable will come out of it is certain. And what it exactly is you will experience on the way. Or even afterwards. Kind of exciting isn’t it?  

By traveling the world, you will learn, enjoy, feel free and occasionally flounder. Funny, bizarre and sometimes challenging events make up for the best and most beautiful stories afterwards. 

Like how JD fell off a horse in Mongolia, and he (we) stayed in bed for 3 weeks to recover, only 6 weeks after our grand departure. Like how we chased goats to help local shepherds, that we slept under the bare sky on the 12th flour in Singapore because there were bugs in our beds, how I couldn’t sleep in a night train in China because of all the eating noises and the fact we shared our room with 60 other people. I can continue forever! We wish you the same.   

To travel, to become rich

Traveling the world is almost guaranteed to lead to personal growth. You will get ideas and the wonderful feeling of being able to save yourself anywhere; in any situation. 

This is what we have for you

We are glad you have found us, The Perfect Strugglers! In this article we tell / share: 

  • How to travel the world
  • Selling everything and travelling: the steps to take and ‘why?!’ would you do it
  • A travel the world plan (how to prepare for a big trip)
  • What the best places to travel in the world are (Spoiler: Mexico is one of them)
  • The best tips to travel the world on a budget (almost no-one can do it so cheap as we can!)
  • What the cheapest places to travel in the world are (Nepal for sure)
  • Inspiration for (the best) ways to travel the world
  • How to find the best back pack to travel the world
  • How to travel the world and grow as a person
  • Great Travel the World links
  • Practical stuff to travel the world: travel the world insurance, accommodation and transportation

The Bucket list dilemma   

Such great news that traveling the world and growing personally are a great combination! 

Because at least then you have a very good reason to share with others why you are going. Not just for fun 😉

Traveling the world fulfills an important condition for personal growth. During a trip somewhere in the world you will have time to deal with personal development. In theory there is time. When you sit for hours in the train or on that slow boat in Indonesia (how slow it sails). 

But you shouldn’t just cram your program with one excursion after another. A full program is great for your bucket list, but not so great for personal growth. For where are the moments to be consciously present for a moment, and to reflect on your journey but also on your life?  

In order to grow personally, personal growth should be something you really want and want to work for, because it doesn’t happen automatically. Even not in the mountains of Vietnam or on a desolated beach. But travelling the world and personal growth can go hand in hand if you like.    

I travel the world and the 7 seas, and get closer to my personal goals 

“I travel the world and the seven seas. Everybody’s looking for something”

The famous 80’s song by British duo Eurythmics is about the quest to find fulfillment in life we are all on. “Sweet dreams” make us travel the world. What are your sweet dreams to travel the world?

We encourage anyone to sit down for a bit and think about your motives to travel the world. What do you hope to find? What makes you tick? Travel the world and find what you are looking for. Travel the world but don’t forget to go inward as well.   

At the other side of the world, or in your own backyard?

Most things you are searching for on the other side of the world, can be found close to home as well… 

It reminds me of a guy I knew from the time I was a student. He traveled the whole world for 2 years. Had the greatest discoveries and adventures. Finally he found what he was looking for in his new home only a few kilometers away from the place where he was raised. It appeared he was looking for self acceptance. And the right to be who he just was!

Because 3 weeks of traveling each year is not enough

‘I just want to travel the world’. That is how we felt back in 2014, when we both had full time office jobs and a mortgage. Not everyone understood our choice. Why give up all these benefits and certainties? ‘Because I just want to travel the world’ I replied. And this is how I felt, and it is a great summary of my motives to just go.

But there are more arguments that make sense, to leave everything behind and travel the world. For your personal growth, and there are many other reasons and we address them al:

World trip benefits – how to reply to those discouraging remarks on your world trip plans

Selling everything and traveling

Selling everything and traveling is one of the best choices I ever made in my life. One thing led to the other. It just would have been impossible to get to ‘the place’ I am now (in the widest sense of the word), straight out of my office job and my living situation at that time. There are so many steps in between. First: make sure you are on the right path. And then: start walking. Not the other way around please! 

Travel the world Plan

Selling everything and traveling requires some thorough preparation. You will need a Travel the world Plan. We made a simple overview of everything to do and to think about before you leave on your big trip to travel the world. You can use this ‘Travel the world’ checklist for any big trip you are going to make.

Your ultimate Trip Preparation

In 22 easy steps. So you won’t forget anything. And can prepare your trip without stress!

Best places to travel in the world

I have seen a lot of places around the world – and there are way more to be seen – but for sure these are my 5 best places to travel in the world

Bali is indeed one of the best places to travel in the world

Yes Bali is worth it, despite your hesitations. 

At first I felt like ‘should I go to Bali? Because everyone is going there, so I probably shouldn’t’. But I went, to check out Bali for myself. And I was amazed! As soon as you drive out of the capital Denpasar, you find yourself in the most beautiful and lush nature you can imagine. I strongly advise you to rent a motorbike when you are in Bali and to explore the beautiful island by motorbike. This is the only way to experience everything this diverse yet manageable island has got to offer.   

Renting a motorbike on Bali (and anywhere else) 

Two best places to travel in the world that shouldn’t be missing on your shortlist: Thailand and China

Talking about best places to travel in the world: don’t miss out on Thailand and especially Bangkok. And China is very special too. It is huge, it is different, it is so relevant!

Thailand and Bangkok

I fell in love with Bangkok but perhaps for me it was a bit easier than for the average visitor because I had the privilege to live there for half a year. It might not be love at first sight. Because it is hot, at places it can be smelly, there is a lot of traffic.

But try to look through it, feel the vibes of this crazy city, stay a bit longer.. And the Bangkok virus will come to you as well! I love this city. Where else can you have a drink with such amazing 30th floor views? Where else can you get on your bike in a 10 million + city but somehow you end up in jungle in 10 minutes??

Things to do in Bangkok – make the best out of your time in Bangkok

Thrilling modern & ancient China

What can I say. China. It is probably 20 countries in one. A few of the tourists highlights of all time can be found in China. Extremely modern and going back in time combined in one country. I stop talking about fascinating China here, just check out my blog in which I do my best to show you what is so special about traveling in China.

10 Things you definitely must do when you are in China

Thrilling China

It is probably 20 countries in one. A few of the tourists highlights of all time can be found in China. Extremely modern and going back in time combined in one country.

Travel the world on a budget means travel the world cheap

Since we are The Perfect Strugglers it is easy to guess we are fond of – and quite good at – travelling the world with a small budget. Our aim: We want to travel longer, with less money, and also get more out of our trip! More adventure, more interesting moments, more beautiful things to admire, more local and tastier food. 

We are happy to share with you our best tips to travel the world on a budget in these blogs:

Travel on a shoestring. The 4 biggest budget travel myths revealed

Travel on a budget – 10 budget travel lessons we had to learn too

Free ebook with our best tips to travel the world Cheap

But we saved our very best travel budget tips for our ebook!  Travel the world cheap >> This is how >> Free ebook with our best and pretty secret tips to travel the world on a budget. You can easily save 300 USD per month. While increasing your travel the world joy at the same time. 

Save 300 USD on your next trip – get our travel hacks ebook

How to travel the world on a budget – in expensive countries

To travel the world on a budget it is not necessary to go only to low-cost countries. You can also travel to expensive countries relatively cheaply. Even though it is still many times more expensive than (luxury) travel in a cheaper country of course. Read here how we had the trip of a lifetime for USD 777 per month in expensive country New Zealand. 

Budget travel in New Zealand for only 777 US dollar a month

The cheapest places to travel in the world

These countries are among the cheapest places to travel in the world: 

Cheap countries for traveling in Asia: 

  • Nepal 
  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • India

Cheap countries for traveling in South America: 

  • Ecuador
  • Bolivia

Cheap countries for traveling in Latin America: 

  • Honduras
  • Guatemala
  • Nicaragua

Cheap countries for traveling in Europe: 

  • Bulgaria 
  • Romania

(You like traveling in Europe and you like it affordable? Not always easy but thanks to this article you will be able to travel on a budget through Europe. And that means really cheap, probably not more expensive than it would be in Asia.)

The lucky thing about this “Cheapest places to travel in the world” – list is; very inexpensive countries to travel very often are also very interesting countries to travel.  

Cuba, India, Indonesia, Guatemala, Vietnam and Nepal are all great and inexpensive countries to travel in the world

Check out these blogs to help you pick one of the nicest and cheapest places to travel in the world. Traveling in Cuba, India, Indonesia, Guatemala, Vietnam and Nepal: I loved it all! And it was incredibly affordable. 

#1 Yes, Cuba can be suitable for budget travel 

Cuba belongs to one of the cheapest places to travel in the world.. At least if you are willing to choose the adventurous way to travel. What do I mean with that? You will find out in this extensive guide on how to travel Cuba with a small budget. Where else can you travel by bus for only 3 cents? I am not kidding you. 

Cuba on the cheap – Budget Cuba mini guide

#2 It takes years to get bored (and broke) of traveling in India

Both JD and myself just love India. For sure India is one of the cheapest places to travel in the world. You will have the best dinner eating out for around 1,5 USD. For that you get several curry sauces, rice, curd and more. (they call it a thali, remember that word). India is intense, always surprising, shocking, and it will change how you view the world. I just love Indian logic and the Indian way. It is not as linear as I was used to. Check out in this blog why India is one of the most interesting and great destinations of the cheapest places to travel in the world.   

9 Reasons to hate love India (and to travel India)

#3 Is there something not to like while traveling in diverse and very affordable Indonesia? 

Indonesia is for sure in the top 10 cheapest places to travel in the world. When you go to less touristy places – for example in Sumatra, you can sleep for $3 a night. Or eat a delicious meal for a dollar. For us, Indonesian cuisine is in our top 3 best cuisines. The people are extremely friendly and the country very beautiful. It is safe. What more could you want when you are looking for a piece of the world to travel? 

Bali is probably the most approachable island in Indonesia. But also or so that means: the most crowded, the most touristy and the most ‘western’. Get educated about Indonesia before you go. There is so much to experience there. No trip through Indonesia is the same. But on the motorbike through Bali to start with? I highly recommend it!

Renting a motorbike on Bali (and anywhere else)

#4 Guatemala is cheap to travel and just stunning

If you are thinking about a cheap place to travel in the world you should definitely think about Guatemala. Guatemala is one of the countries where the most native inhabitants live. 

The people are colorful, there are many high mountains, and travel is adventurous. You enter a completely different world. That’s one of the reasons why you want to travel the world or not? So let’s go! In this blog we share the best places to go in Guatemala.

Lake Atitlan – the place in Guatemala to refuel your soul with beautiful volcano views

#5 Budget travel in Vietnam: she’s got it all 

Vietnam pops up in many lists of cheapest places to travel in the world and cheapest places to live in the world. Vietnam has so many great things to offer. The hill country in the north is raw and adventurous, the beautiful white beaches are numerous, and the Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most appreciated worldwide! Vietnam is a very affordable country to travel; meals for 2 USD and hotel accomodation from 10 USD per night. 

There are some crowded famous highlights in Vietnam, like Halong Bay or Sapa for example. Beautiful but very crowded. We know how to find the equally beautiful and even more interesting places, but quiet. Check out this blog for all instructions to get there!   

The ultimate tip for your trip to Vietnam – to avoid the crowds

#6 Nepal stole my heart – the best budget destination for nature, mountains, hiking and active travel

India one of the cheapest places to travel in the world? Beautiful neighbour Nepal is even more affordable! And please when you go there don’t just stick to the cities. Get away from the big city – although it is amazing to spend a few days there – and immerse yourself in beautiful nature and incredible mountain views. Pick a several-day-hike and go hiking! We choose to walk the Annapurna circuit in 3 weeks. And I highly recommend to do the same. Or to hike one of many other stunning options. 15 USD per day per person is all you need to do the Annapurna Circuit, that is including everything.  

Annapurna Circuit: everything you want to know and need to know about trekking the classic Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

How do you travel the world

How do you travel the world? That is a great question. 

First of all with an open mind and flexibility-minded. Bring some money. Realize that in the end all countries and people worldwide are the same. Most of us are living with families, have a daily job for income, need to eat 3 times a day, and use transport to travel to their jobs and families, and are friendly and helpful towards strangers. Most people just want to live a relatively happy and safe life. Everywhere it is the same. 

Why do I mention this? Because this realization might help to trust, feel safe and to travel independently and confidently. 

For the rest, read this blog to discover how to travel the world for a fantastic and rewarding experience. “How do you travel the world?” > this is how:   

How to travel the world as a Perfect Traveler – #14 travel tips

Are you more interested in the practical perspective on How do you travel the world (a lot of work is in the preparation), then check out this blog: >> Your extensive trip preparation guide on how to plan, prepare and make a (long) trip – in 22 easy to follow steps

Ways to travel the world

In Ways to travel the world, we cover: 

  • The best way to travel the world
  • The cheapest way to travel the world
  • Travel the world by train
  • Travel the world with your backpack (ssst little insight: the essence of your (struggle-)fun is all those hours on public transportation)
  • Travel the world by house sitting
  • Travel the world for free

There are many ways to travel the world. With a big budget, or even without money, or to travel the world on a small budget. Can you imagine what kind of fairy-tale journey you can make in India with the budget you would have normally spent in Australia.

You can travel the world with your van or by motorbike, travel the world by train or with just a backpack. But let me tell you what the best way to travel the world is… 

#1 The best way to travel the world

Guess what.. There is no best way to travel the world! The best way to travel the world is YOUR way. It is such a cliche but o so true. Do you like it organised for you? Do you like to be independent? Would you like to travel with your own transport or public transport? Every way has its own advantages and drawbacks.  

We are big fans of both budget travel with a backpack, traveling the world by train and travel the world ‘house sitting’. We also like to travel the world cheaply! The cheapest way to travel the world is both great for your wallet, the degree of adventure and pleasure, and the length of your trip.   

Way to travel the world #2 – The cheapest way to travel the world

The cheapest way to travel the world is by following up on our budget travel advice. We traveled the world for 2 years and became true budget travel experts. Traveling at a slow pace makes your world trip cheaper. Bring your small backpack and travel by public transport. Make use of the local infrastructure, that would be there anyway also without the existence of tourism. Travel as this ‘Perfect Traveler’.

Realize you are making this trip not to see everything there is and to tick off your list. Go a bit deeper than running from landmark to landmark, that is our advice. This realization will make your travels cheaper as well.  

#3 Travel the world by train

To travel the world by train is a great choice. The view from the train is the best compared to devouring miles of asphalt in your van or a bus. You can meet locals, or not of course. No endless turns and stops, a certain amount of comfort. Trains are the best! 

We traveled from Moscow to the South of Vietnam, all the way by train (except from a bus in the mountains to cross the border to Vietnam). 

That is more than 11.500 kilometers by train. It was a great adventure and I highly recommend to travel Asia by train or even travel the world by train. For the parts you can’t reach by train you just hop on a bus. No problem to be this flexible of course.  

Are you interested to learn more about traveling the world by train, in particular the Trans-Siberia Express from Moscow to Beijing? Make sure you check out these informative blogs: 

For everyone who wants to travel the world by train or wants to travel by train, this is a great website:

#4 Travel the world with your backpack and public transport

This is how we like it. We use trains, but also big boats, river boats, many many busses, every now and then an airplane, mini vans (don’t forget the mini vans, they will be prominent in you backpacking trip), tuktuks and more things on wheels and with motors to go around this beautiful planet. Always accompanied by our backpacks. And that is it. Like little houses on our backs. Traveling the world with your backpack and every day or 2 / 3 for hours in public transport: that is the way to really indulge in local life and to be able to experience it all from close by. To get a glimpse of how it feels to be on the road with your backpack and how to make your trip in a sweaty bus more comfortable, check out:

The best tips for traveling by public transport – an ode to public transport

#5 Travel the world by house sitting

Traveling the world and house sitting is certainly a great way to travel the world on a budget. House sitting is certainly one of the cheapest ways to travel the world, perhaps even the cheapest! Why? Because you don’t pay for accommodation. Because your ‘sit’ is the destination and you don’t need much more. Finally, since you are not traveling around – or rather slow traveling – and that saves you a lot on travel expenses. Check out our informative and intimate house sitting blogs and before you know it you are hooked too (and have suddenly extended your world tour by 2 years): 

>> Visit us soon for great discounts on house sitting platform memberships

#6 Travel the world for free

You probably didn’t expect it to exist: traveling the world for free. But it does! We once met a traveler in the South of China who was traveling completely without money. And he made it, even had a great time, and even gathered some pocket money! (even though you may wonder if you should want to take money from people who make 3 USD a day, but that is another question). So you probably will spend some money, while traveling the world for (almost) free. But certainly not a lot. A dollar every now and then and this mainly depends on your character. Check out how to travel the world for free here.   

Travel the world with a perfect backpack 

Please make yourself happy, and if you are going to travel the world with a backpack, yes I mean backpacking, make sure you have the right backpack! The right size for you, the right size for your travel style and travel goals, and one that nicely fits. We advise you how to select the perfect backpack to travel the world. 

This is how to choose the best size of your backpack

There are certain kinds of travelers. The ones happy with one ultra-functional outdoor pant, for example. Also there are the ones really in need of at least to fancy shirts, for example. You travel stlyle and preferences are of great influence on what your perfect backpack is. Find out what kind of traveler you are and which (size) backpack you need.

Travel the world and grow as a person > this is how

You can just enjoy all those travel the world experiences. 

But you can also both enjoy and use these experiences for personal growth. 


In any case, by sometimes turning inward and standing still (as opposed to just rushing through. 

And I’m taking it one step further!

1) By observing your reactions (emotions, thoughts, behaviour) and standard coping mechanisms to certain situations.

2) Also by being really really mindful when you are traveling the world. “Are you already in your mind with the exciting day of tomorrow? Or are you able to focus on what you are actually experiencing now?” would be one of the key questions. For more inspiration on traveling the world, grow as a person and the practice of Mindfulness, see for yourself how Mindfulness can enrich and deepen your world travels.

Back to the first ‘how to grow personally during your travels’ I brought up. One of your goals in observing your own response to situations / persons / words etc. would be to uncover certain underlying themes you are responding to. 

Your response to situations during your travels won’t be that different from how you deal with things in your life back home.

An idea of questions you can try to answer for yourself:

  • Is my response helping me or hindering me? (in what I like, in what I like to achieve etc.)
  • What happens in my body? 
  • Are there certain underlying themes / patterns I am responding to more extreme than normally? what are they?
  • What is my typical response? 
  • And is this how I like it? 
  • What is the effect of all this on for example relations? 
  • How does this relate to any issues in my life that I am struggling with? 
  • What could I do differently to improve things? And in my mind set perhaps? 
  • etc 
  • etc 🙂 
  • Personal growth it is a continuous life time journey

So this is to give you an impression how you could combine traveling and personal growth. You come back home with enough amazing photos to fill 20 albums. And as a wiser and more mature person. 

Travel the world links

Nomadic Matt, the Blonde abroad and Expert Vagabond are all avid world travelers.

Coming soon:

  • Travel the world insurance
  • Book your first night
  • Skyscanner hacks for the cheapest flights