Discovering the Power of Now

Discovering the power of the now, the beauty of the current moment, is a spiritual & personal growth quest. The power of now is about being ‘present’. It is the same thing they teach you in a Mindfulness course. To be completely there, instead of being for example in the future with your mind. 

Do you like to know what the power of now is? Look at a dog, look at your cat. They are just there; now!

Most people are always thinking, thinking. Are you able to walk on your own for 30 minutes without having all these random thoughts all the time and without losing yourself in those thoughts? 

Do you really experience where (when) you are? 

Being present is a guarantee for living a high quality life. It is one of the most profound levels of personal growth. 

The Power of Now is also the title of the famous and impactful spiritual book written by Eckhart Tolle. I am an avid reader, and this book is definitely in my top three favourite books so far. 

What is the Power of Now?

  1. You are not busy with things that probably aren’t going to happen anyway
  2. You are experiencing real life instead of how you perceive life in your mind
  3. Life is more light and joyful than you perhaps experience from day to day
  4. All the contradictions, enemies, frictions and downsides of persons turn out to be self-created and untrue
  5. You don’t have to travel far to see special things and beauty. The beauty is in all the little details around you
  6. The current moment is all there is
  7. No resistance to the current moment. It is there anyway, so it would be a bit crazy to fight and resist it isn’t it?
  8. Your surroundings or other people are not going to give you the answer
  9. There is nothing in this world that is going to make you happy. Happiness does not depend on an event or on possession. You can learn to be present, to live, in such a way that you always feel joy. Joy is about a state of being. 
  10. Not having all those negative emotions like fear, anger, sorrow and envy
  11. Not comparing yourself all the time and not complaining
  12. Experiencing the simplicity of life and laugh about it
  13. Experiencing the simplicity of life and laughing about how difficult you can make life appear
  14. Realizing you are not your thoughts or emotions
  15. No more being at the mercy of your emotions and thoughts. Sensing the stable power that lies beneath
  16. Instead of identifying with thoughts and emotions, just observing them
  17. Not living in the past
  18. Not living in the future either. The only moment there ever is, is the current moment
  19. Feeling satisfaction and peace. Love and happiness. 

The Power of Now is a complete acceptance of the current moment: of now. Without resistance, without judgement and without attachment to any kind of ‘form’. (Read the book to understand the meaning of form). When this is your constant state of Being (pro pro level, but go for it!); you might imagine that how you feel is so … everything, beyond words to describe it.

Mindfulness practice will help you to unlock the Power of Now

Unlocking the Power of Now requires practice and commitment for most people. Call it Mindfulness practice, spiritual practice or just reading The Power of Now and soaking it in. 

The impact of this practice on my life – and the lives of many other people – is huge. I have written down my personal top 6 of the great benefits of Mindfulness Practice How Mindfulness practice – finding the Power of Now – has changed my life for the better.

The basics of what it all means will be more clear after reading this blog. So did something tickle you? Make sure to check out this blog. 

Rushing through life? Try Mindfulness

My false sense of self

From a personal development perspective there are 2 main themes in my life, so far. Because while I write this I realize they are not that urgent anymore. Apparently my mindfulness practice has borne fruit. 

First I always identified with my emotions. How I feel at a particular moment; defined my life perception. So that could be a bumpy ride sometimes. My self image would change according to how I felt.  

Secondly, I had and have a very strong urge to be useful and productive. I need a result, and otherwise I am restless and not satisfied with myself. 

Then Mindfulness practice and the Power of Now came in…

Thanks to amongst others all the wisdom I try to express on this page, the two themes I mention don’t lead me anymore. They don’t bother me, are no longer prominent, and they don’t trick me anymore.

In this blog I will explain how it works and you might be motivated to practice Mindfulness too. To make progress on your most prominent personal themes in your life, that might hinder you in a way.   

Mindfulness helped me deal with 2 personal struggles – this is how

Crazy experiment: to experience life as it is (= the power of now)

And the crazy experiment is: ‘Turn off your wifi for a week’. In order to experience what is there, what is there now. Not in your mind, not in the future. Here and now! (because what else is there for real?)

Are you a wifi addict? 

Do you check your phone at least every hour? 

Can you focus for 2 hours in a row without grabbing your phone?

I was and am a wifi addict. But I am trying to improve my life. I want to be in the lead, and not my wifi hotspot. I like to be where I physically am, and not where my browser brings me. 

Are you the one who decides what has your attention?

A year ago, I experienced life without wifi for 2 weeks. The advantages were insane! Check out in this blog what there is for you to win with less wifi and less smartphone noise.  

Turn off the wifi – for an 3 hours or so or 7 days if you like – and enter the power of now! 

What do I do with my life when there is no wifi?! – the advantages of no wifi

You are not your feelings nor your thoughts 

In the book The Power of Now the author tells you to observe everything in you, without judgement. You are not your emotions, you are the one being aware of them. 

Not identifying with your emotions and thoughts, helps you to enter ‘the now’ – or stay in the now – and not be swept away by all those sensations.

Observing your emotions and thoughts can be difficult at first. How to observe those negative things in you without judgement? Because you have a clear opinion about them, don’t you?!

Why stay here (&now) when you are over the moon

And in a positive mood, observing your emotions is even out of the question. You are completely occupied by the pleasant and self-affirming feeling.  

In certain moods, you might feel so silly, so stupid, unsuccesful or unattractive. The emotions / thoughts feel so true; they are true, they feel like you.

The funny thing is; they are not you. Nothing that comes and goes is you.   

Surround yourself with nothing and try to observe

It is an interesting – and highly recommendable – thing to start observing your sensations. I mean your thoughts, feelings, emotions. Observing means actually watching them, and really feeling them. As the opposite of ignoring, judging and pushing them away. 

It can be such a challenge, all those (unwanted) feelings and thoughts coming up. Still I recommend you to try it. It is such an opportunity to be able to discover what is inside you. It is there, whether you ignore / suppress it, or not. And because it is there anyway, it makes so much more sense to accept it than to resist it.  

Your level of consciousness

Sooner or later, and probably already, they will start to play a role in your life anyway. Do you prefer to let them do that unconsciously, or do you prefer to gain more consciousness?    

And in the mean time, you have practiced being the watcher as well 🙂 . If you have not yet studied the subject, then I expect this last sentence for example to be acracadabra for you. But since you are apparently interested in the subject; please read a book by Eckhart Tolle. ‘The Power of Now’ is very good, but I do recommend beginners to start in this book of his.

Observe in the Now

Observing your sensations means not acting upon them, but letting them play around, without drawing conclusions or jumping into the do-mode. Don’t build extra thoughts on top of what you observe.

To do so, it helps to find a quiet place without distractions. 

Start practicing observing on a regular basis, and you will get better at it. After a while of practicing it will be less scary to be alone with you, yourself and your thoughts and feelings. Dive into it – your sensations, the present moment – instead of walking away from it.

You will start to enjoy your own company even! You will start to understand what the Power of Now means. 

A personal story about how my own negative feelings scared me and bothered me

For me it was very difficult to just be, to observe everything in me, to be not surrounded by people and activity. I always felt that I am my emotions. I preferred to be busy and distracted with social life, rather than feeling everything inside me.

All those feelings made me start thinking about the past and imagined future scenario’s. Yeah you guessed it right, that is not what The Power of Now means.

Almost no more fear

I am quite a different person now. Or at least a person with very different preferences and habits. Those things don’t scare me anymore. I like to be in touch with everything in me.  

Check out this blog to get an insight into my inner world and my first steps on the path of Now & Mindfulness. 

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