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3 Essential Nerdy Blogging Skills you must master to build a great business

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Aggressive title isn’ t it? I agree. So why did I use this header? First of all I want to trigger your curiosity. Secondly, to point out that when you start to blog you must master copywriting. Without a good header (click bait) you don’t have traffic, right? Equally important as amazing copywriting are the 3 nerdy skills I am going to explain to you in this blog. You must master these 3 essential nerdy blogging skills to become a successful blogger and/or online entrepreneur.

Contents of this blog:

  1. Email list building with Thrive Leads
  2. Email automation with Active Campaign
  3. A|B Testing for WordPress-Thrive Optimize

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3 Essential Nerdy Blogging Skills to master

These are the 3 Essential Nerdy Blogging Skills you must master if you want to turn blogging into GREAT business . These tools are the difference between a ‘normal’ online business and a ‘high performing’ online business.

Nerdy Blogging Skills #1 – Build your (email) list as fast as possible

When Marleen and I started – a friend and successful online entrepreneur – advised us:  ‘It doesn’t matter what you do but start to build your list as fast as possible!’

We really didn’t know what he meant. Why should we build a list? We were very busy building great organic-traffic magnet blog posts about leggings. It seems funny, but yeah we started with leggings. You need to start and learn somewhere. But our friend was, and is, completely right!

List building: ‘Start to collect email-addresses of your readers.’

The most important reason to gather email addresses of your visitors is that it is your only and last chance to stay connected. When they leave your website the probability they never return is huge. When a visitor never returns, you missed a chance to build a meaningful connection with that visitor. And therefor missed a chance for a future sale.

With those email-addresses you are connected with your readers and you can start to build a relation with them. And when you offer high value content, at some point your readers will be interested in your products. And that is interesting from a business point of perspective. That is why you should start to collect the email-addresses of your readers.  

We are almost two years further. We think it is funny that we didn’t follow up on our friends’ advise immediately. The reason to explain our ‘independent’ behavior is simple. We were enthusiastic, we had big ideas, and we wanted to achieve results in a  different way. The funny part is. Probably everybody follows the same path in the end. You need to learn the basics.. Some earlier than others. So I hope you aren’t that stubborn as we were.

There are many list building tools out there you can implement in your WordPress website. Paid ones and free tools. We are really happy with the list building tool of Thrive Themes. They offer a tool that enables you to collect subscribers with so called ‘optin forms’. “Optin forms?!” Yes, I mean those pop-ups asking for your email when you visit a website. They are part of a page, or appear when you click on a link or when you leave the website (we have one of that kind too). The name of the plugin to collect email addresses is Thrive Leads. By the company Thrive Themes.

More about what the company Thrive Themes has got to offer

We are not only big fans of the list building tool by Thrive Themes, but are fans of the company and her products in general. We use several of their products to our happiness. That is why I will tell you more about them, here. 

Thrive Themes – Conversion Focused WordPress Themes – offers conversion based plugins and themes for your WordPress website. Their mission is to help you grow your business faster. And they have pretty cool plugins that you can use for it. We use 3 of their plugins and we also use a Thrive theme – Minus by Thrive Themes, check it out, it is a pretty cool theme.

We are Thrive Themes customers because we like their business model that is slightly different compared to their competitors. First of all they are cheaper. And second you are not obliged to pay a monthly fee. You buy a plugin and you are the owner of that plugin for a lifetime. The plugin will be updated as well during that lifetime. Which means you always have the newest version of it.

The only recurring costs are the (optional) service renewals (40 USD per year for all products).  You don’t need it for the quality of your plugin (always updated) but you need it when something doesn’t work properly and you want Thrives to help you. We are talking about technology that needs to work with other technology. Sometimes this means the technology has a life of its own….

They offer email support. Which works fine. They are professional, friendly and quick with their response.

Thrive Leads

So enough about the company Thrive Themes, now more about this great list building tool “Thrive Leads”. 

This plugin enables you to create customized optin forms. Those pop-ups. To grab the attention of your website visitor and seduce him or her to subscribe to a newsletter or to subscribe for a free offer for example. They have a broad variation of optin possibilities. You need to figure out what works best for you. Experiment, try and fail fast. Adapt and test again. The quicker you learn, the better. One reason why we love optin-forms is that you can connect them easily to your email automation program: nerdy blogging skills #2.

Thrive Leads is a perfect list building plugin that makes growing your email list more fun. It is smoothly designed and it is conversion focused. And they offer really good prices too.

And I save the best for last – they have standard build in A|B testing. So you can test. Test and test again. Build your list faster with high and even higher conversion rates.

Do you want more information about Thrive Leads?

Ultimate List-Building Plugin for WordPress

Handy pricing facts

  1. All Thrive theme plugins are available for 1 website, 5 websites or unlimited websites. Different prices for different needs. We bought the plugins for 5 websites at the cost of 97 USD. A bigger packages gives you some flexibility in testing and experimenting with new ideas.
  2. Thrive Themes also offers a membership. You pay a monthly or annual fee and in return you can use every plugin or theme they have, including service.
  3. Remember: ‘We are Dutch!’ We searched many hours online for the best product quality at the best costs. Thrive Themes – the best Conversion Focused WordPress Themes – popped up for us as number one. And looking backwards we are happy we choose them.

Nerdy Blogging Skills #2 – Create your own Email Automation

The need for the second skill in the list of 3 Nerdy Blogging Skills arises from your first blogging skill. Luckily it is not necessary to send all emails manually. There are great and easy systems that unburden you with their automations. Yes, you need to think about how to automate the emails you send to your audience, once you start collecting their email addresses.  

Why automating?

It saves you time in the long run and it helps you to engage better and faster with your readers. It is not possible to service a long list of subscribers personally and without system. Automating your emails saves you a lot of time. And time is what you need. Because time is a scarcity. Especially when you are extending your content, your offers and scaling your business. This is a skill you need to master via practice. It sounds easy but you need to put in effort to let an email marketing system work for you. It is worth the effort to make the most of the Email Automation possibilities.

Some general rules for using an email automation marketing system:

  1. Know your goal before you begin – most of the time this means selling a product or service.
  2. Always see your audience in front of you – your readers are not an automated system. They are people. Connect and engage. Learn what their topic of interests are? Learn their problems. And show your solutions.

We preferred Active Campaign for our email automation

Also in this competitive market there are a lot of suppliers. We use Active Campaign. The same friend who advised us to start building a list also advised us to use Active Campaign. This time we listened.

Active Campaign is a fully automated email (marketing) system. It suits all your needs. You can do incredible things with this system. There is too much to tell in this blog.  Whether you are a beginner or a pro it is good for you. You can set up simple automation and you can create complex automations with goals, different routes and a lot more.

They offer 4 plans. We use the first plan. The amount of contacts in your lists influences the price you pay. So you can start small, and grow bigger. They grow with you. They offer a 14 day free trial as well.

Get more information about Active campaign right here or click the image below and start your 14 day free trial right away.

ThePerfectSTrugglers use Active Campaign
Active Campaign pricing.

Nerdy Blogging Skills #3 – Start A|B testing

Testing is the key to improve your performance. Once your funnel and system stands, you are not done. This is just the start. Time to improve. Yes; by testing and adjusting. On everything. That sounds tempting. You can go mental and test everything you want to test. For example:

  • How do your headers perform?
  • Or how well do your buttons convert?
  • What are my landing page CTR’s (Click Through Rates) and how to improve them?
  • And this list can continue endlessly.

In the end it is important to know and control your percentages. They make the difference between losing money and having a nice income. If you know your numbers you can predict your income when you scale. This latter is online marketing pro-level. We recommend first to get used to testing and start experimenting.

The good part of using Thrive Architect is that they have set up a bunch of templates for you. If you get Architect you get them all included. And they already tested the outcome of those formats. Also, with Thrive Architect it is so easy to build great landing pages. Landing pages?! 

Why you need landing pages

What is a landing page? A landing page is a page where you offer your content to your readers with as little distraction as possible. So the chance they perform the action you want them to, is as high as possible. An example of such an action is  subscribing to get your free offer. Every distraction can move them away from the desired action. The goal of your landing page is to make the visitors ‘land’ as smooth as possible and to guide them smoothly towards the desired action.

Once your created a landing page you are set to go testing for better conversion rates. Which improves your sales.

Thrive Themes offer plugins with build in A|B testing. Thrive Leads has testing already included. And Thrive Architect – a perfect plug in to build your landing pages with –  can be purchased with Thrive Optimize (the A|B tester for your landing pages).

Thrive Architect to easily design pages without coding

This plugin helps you to create beautiful designed (landing) pages and posts for your your WordPress website. It is a nice drag and drop system so no need for coding. It is a super plug-in which saves you a lot of  time in creating pages and posts. They give you a lot of pre-built landing pages as well. You can use those templates if you like them or easily build your own.

Thrive Architect will help you create smooth landing pages that convert. So you can concentrate on adding value and building your business even better.

The perfect marriage

With Thrive Architect you can easily create pages and posts and with Thrive Optimise you can easily test them. Check it out here: Thrive Optimize – AB Testing for WordPress. We purchased the combination too. And we are very happy with it. It gives the control we need to improve our websites continuously. Without head ache, and without having technical skills. Optimise gives you control to test your pages to get the best conversion numbers.

If you are interested click here for more information for the plugins. Or click on the banner below.

I hope these nerdy blogging skills are soon in your skill palette. I know these tools and plugins work nicely. Give yourself some time to master them and benefit for a long time.

An extra online essential: Get yourself outstanding hosting!

Perhaps this is the most nerdy one. But this hosting company is according to our experience one of the best out there.

We talk about Siteground.

Web Hosting

They offer incredible good service. They help you with the technical part so you can focus on your blogging skills! You can chat live with them 24/7. And they even help you with issues not related to hosting. They are super service-oriented. As their customer, you will feel like a king. We didn’t have 1 bad encounter with them after many times getting in touch. And we get in touch a lot because we are not true nerdy high-tech style entrepreneurs. Click on the image below to get more information about their pricing plans.

Recommendation for Siteground by ThePerfectStrugglers

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Thanks for reading this blog about the best nerdy blogging skills you must master. It is not necessary to master everything on your own. Outsourching and/or delegating could also be a very good option for you.

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Dear Perfect Strugglers- This is a GREAT article, thank you! I saw a post in a Facebook group listing your website, I followed it, and I found a lot more information than I was expecting! Mega kudos! Thank you for the inspiration and advice 🙂 Heather …PS- of course, I’m adding my email below 🙂

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