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Why you shouldn’t search for tricks and what online success is really about

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“Hi all, who can help me quickly get 5000 followers without effort at almost no cost? Thanks, an online success-seeker”

I am a member of several facebook groups. They are of great value to me. An excellent means for getting specific information and for networking. Sometimes a nice source for stories and lessons. Those groups are centered around certain topics or around people that have something in common. In the case of the anecdote I am going to share, the members of the group are all ambitious girls. Many of them, eager for online success.  

In the group there was one ambitious girl, eager to start up her own business and to get some advice from all those other girls. She asked whether someone had a quick-fix to easily get 5000 social media followers. The solution shouldn’t be too expensive as her budget was small. But those 5000 followers were important to her, since all successful businesses had likes and followers. She didn’t know exactly why. But she should have them too. Otherwise she could impossibly be successful. That was her reasoning. She needed a smooth trick to quick start with 5000 followers. As a bases for online success.   

The rookie path

I can’t blame her. That is a path many newbies follow. It is a rookie mistake we made at the start of our online adventures as well. Online starters may perceive many likes or followers as a goal on itself. Having thousands of followers looks very impressive, it has the smell of online success. It can be even quite intimidating when you have only 100. But don’t confuse the means and your goal here. 5000 Followers in itself means nothing. It is about connecting all the pieces of your plan. Your ‘likes’ is just a superficial thing.   

Dive deeper! Why do you want followers? How do they contribute to the bigger picture of your business? And what kind of followers would you like to have?

Don’t search for an online trick. This is the number 1 lesson you should learn as quick as possible when doing business online. Make sure your business model is right.  Online success is not a trick. 

What it is really about

So again – this message can’t come across too strong – don’t settle for tricks. 

Now you know what NOT to do, it is time to share what it is really about. Here are 3 fundamentals of online success. 

1 Engagement

You don’t want just followers. You should want ENGAGED followers. That means your followers really like what you do, they are not indifferent but committed instead. Having a group of engaged followers doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort, it grows slowly. So no trick to do this. But true genuine attention.

Followers are worth nothing. Engaged followers on the other hand, mean the world! As long there is a working business model underneath. Otherwise you just have, uhm, followers.

Only people that trust you buy from you. In the end a business is all about having conversion. You want your potential client to perform a certain action. That in the end brings in some cash for you.  

Make sure your followers trust you. Focus on engaging. Focus on quality instead of quantity.

2 Know your audience

I would say reaching and building your audience is an iterative process. It goes back and forth. You can adapt your communication to the audience you have in mind. To reach the persons you want to reach. People that like you, your style and topics will find you and pick you to follow. Make sure to make it as easy as possible for them to find you. There are 100’s of ways to do that.

Once you are building an audience, it is up to you to get to know them better. Who are they? What do they like? What would they like to have more? Be smart and create as much value as possible by listening to your audience. What are their interests and their needs they might even not be aware of themselves?    

3 Valuable content

Your audience determines what is valuable to them. You don’t. It is all about the perception of your audience. Creating valuable content is an interaction with knowing your audience and reaching the right audience. Only by offering valuable stuff you can engage those people.

This all isn’t a trick. It is not an empty shell like ordering 5000 followers instantly is. It is part of a lasting strategy. You have to keep on adjusting, learning and fine-tuning. For real value, for both your followers as yourself!  

Stay inspired

The good thing of having engaged followers is that you not only inspire them. But in return they will inspire you as well. And in the long run this is essential to keep your own spirit high and to stay at the top of your game!

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