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5 Important questions to answer before you start pursuing making money online

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The two main drivers for us to start working online were to be honest easy money making and boredom. We were stuck in our travels, were looking for something to sink our teeth in, and the idea of easy pocket money of a few hundred dollars or euros per month seduced us. Looking backward it was a great decision to start building business online. But I wouldn’t say our main motivation was a solid one. And we could have done everything a lot smarter. It turned out well but it would have been great to have the advice I am going to give you now. So read this blog carefully in case you are willing to pursue making money online. Ask yourself the question of questions; ‘why”? And the other five questions – you read them below – as well.     

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Am I going for quick success or am I willing to be persistent? – Before Making Money Online Question #1 

Sorry I have to burst your bubble. Some people convince you it is very easy to get some extra bucks online. Mostly those are people that have an interest in making you go working online. Earning money online requires a good idea, but also dedication and you have to make sure you are persistent.  

There might be a long period without success. Can you handle that, keep on believing, without quitting or changing your strategy too easy?

The online market is HUGE but there is also BIG competition. So you have to make sure you will deliver, and want to deliver. Making money online requires quality. Are you willing to deliver quality? That means putting effort in doing your research, create correct and valuable and attractive content, services or products.   

Pick the right market – which language do I choose for my blog or website?

When you write in English your market is immense. But the quality standards are very high as well. In case you are not native English but for example you are from Norway, Iceland or from the Netherlands like we are, you have the benefit of choosing the language of the market you want to target. It can be easier to reach a breakthrough in a smaller market than the English-language market. For our personal blog – this one – we choose the English market. But we also have a few websites in Dutch.  

I have a few more questions to you to check whether you are persistent to do this; earning money online:

  • You should question yourself whether you are open to learn new things. Both technical things and non-technical. So, are you?
  • Are you able to deal with reactions of friends and families who don’t believe in your making online money plans? All of them will be cheering for you once you succeed. But not all of them will be cheering while you are struggling the first months or years trying to reach something..
  • Is the context facilitating you in being persistent and patient? (how much time per week do you have available? what about your financial funds? You can combine pursuing earning money online with a job or you can choose to focus on your online business and in the meanwhile live from your savings)

Why you should start building online now

In case you seriously intent to work online, experiment online, and who knows.. earn online, and you are wondering when to start? The answer is NOW. Becoming a leader in your niche takes time. Being recognized as a quality website by Google takes time. Creating content takes a lot of time. Learning as well. Start now, and enjoy the fruits somewhere in the future. But since overnight success rarely exists, you better start NOW.  

What do I really like? – Before Making Money Online Question #2

Making money online
We love pet sitting so we sit pets offline and we write about it online

You should answer this question yourself for two reasons. The first is to decide what the theme or topic of your blog / service / product should be. The second is; liking something (sufficiently) is a requirement to be able to hold on.

Furthermore, things that you really like are automatically a part of your life (already probably). So that is a great synergy with making business out of the topic.

We started with a website – it was a virtual web shop – about leggings and other sorts of paints and trousers for women. So that required us to write about fashion. I like to dress nicely and to style myself. But I don’t read fashion magazines and I don’t like writing about fashion. So this is clearly an example of the wrong role model. Use this example to do it the opposite way.  

What am I really good at? – Before Making Money Online Question #3

There is a big chance that what you really like goes hand in hand with what your good at. Or at least they reinforce each other. It is nice to become good in what you like. Something that you are really good at is most of the times nicer than something you suck at.

Your knowledge, skills and experience are worth sharing with the world. With people who like to do the same thing as you do, like to learn from you, or just feel liking enjoying your stuff while laying on their couch.

So this question helps you to decide on your plan of attack. What do you have that is worth sharing? In which skills are you an expert? With what do you distinguish yourself from others? When people would describe you in a few words; what would they mention at first?  

Do I mind being in my laptop for many hours a day? – Before Making Money Online Question #4

Making money online
The surroundings are great at this place in France, but being in your laptop is being in your laptop in the end.

OK, you don’t have a boss anymore. You are not forced to sit in that dusty office anymore. You even might be location independent now since your location is online. Unfortunately not everything radically changes, although you might feel that in your dreams. You are still in your laptop. You still will be sitting bent over awkwardly toward your laptop for many hours a day. While you are working, most of the time you will be inside. That doesn’t change compared to your office job. Do you mind? In case you mind it might be smarter to invest in a different career than in a career earning money online.

Am I capable of taking risks? – Before Making Money Online Question #5

A big advantage of building a business online, and earning money online, is that you can start to do it without substantial investment beforehand. You need a laptop and you spend a few dollars on hosting (we are big fans of Siteground for hosting) and probably a few other services. But the threshold to enter is relatively low. The downside of this advantage, is that you might have the tendency to stay away from making real investments.

Like for example not investing in a very professional program you need to be successful. Because a cheaper program will do it too. Or to keep on focusing on getting your traffic in an organic and gratis way. By spending hours on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and for example facebook groups. You will get some traffic. But not enough. And a lot of your hours will be lost in fiddling for free traffic.

But I believe that also in the online business world, investing or not investing is the difference between success and no or little success. So are you ready to take a risk? When your motivation to start working online is to become an entrepreneur in a risk-free way, my guess is you are never going to make substantial money. Invest anyway!

Good luck with building an online career!

Use these questions and this blog to challenge your motivation for pursuing making money online. “Nothing comes as easy as it goes”. You have to work hard. You should start with a good idea that you will execute for the long haul. And I believe, when you hold on and keep on learning and experimenting, the dream of making money online will come true. And that is sweet!  

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