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In this blog we tell you our story how we got hooked on a life as a house sitter.

We will answer the following questions and more. How did we start house sitting? What did we learn from house sitting? How do we deal with all the responsibilities?  Do you need to be a pet lover in order to be a house sitter and pet sitter?

What is a house sitter?

First of all, what is a house sitter? A house sitter is someone who takes care of somebody’s house in their absence. Most of the time a house sitter is also a pet sitter.


house sitter

What is a pet sitter? A pet sitter is someone who takes care of the pets when the ‘parents’ are not around. Which makes you the ‘new’ pet parent.

That’s us. We are house sitters and pet sitters. 


house sitter
This is us, house sitters and pet sitters, taking care of three dogs

To visit our house & pet sitters profile including reviews follow this link.

Why do we live as house sitters?

When we told our friends we are house sitters their reaction was like:

  • Don’t you miss your own place?
  • Don’t you get tired of moving from place to place?
  • How is this possible between people that just got to know each other?

And these questions came along with big opened eyes gazing at us. Right now they are used to our lifestyle but the beginning was fun. Because we both had to get used to the idea we currently live our lives as house sitters.

House sitting evolved from funding a flexible lifestyle to becoming our lifestyle

This is our story of how our interest in house sitting was born. It was the beginning of 2017. We needed time to build on our online projects, we wanted to save a few dollars on our housing and we found it interesting to take care of other people’s homes and pets. We could never think of how sustainable house sitting is. How much fun being a house sitter and pet sitter would be and how many nice persons and pets we would meet and service. We are still in touch with most owners. Thanks to house sitting and pet sitting.

For us house sitting started as a way to fund our lifestyle but it grew into being a sustainable lifestyle.

Together we experience lots of fun. In which we travel, create new adventures, cuddle with the nicest pets, build an online business and learn a lot about ourselves.

Read here more about the start of The Perfect Strugglers and how a world trip gradually became a lifestyle.

Stay in touch and be the first to know our lessons learned and whereabouts.

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We don’t need to have a house – we take care of them

The world of today is all about stuff, getting more stuff, maintaining stuff and replacing the stuff you don’t like anymore. This continues forever. We consider taking care of someone’s house as being part of the sharing economy. At this time in our lives we don’t need to possess a house of our own. Perhaps in the future we will have different needs. Right now we continue living and traveling as a house sitter and pet sitter. We feel free because we don’t own a lot. Because of possessions don’t possess us. This is liberating for me. And it brings new challenges as well. Like how do you pack everything you need in a small backpack size.

What are our benefits of being house sitters?

The benefits we experience are almost endless. House sitting or pet sitting gives us the opportunity to live our life the way we want to live it. Free, flexible, exploring new places, relatively stress free and worry free, living in beautiful nature and inspiring cities, and encounters with friendly people and animals with character.

house sitter
How cute is Mr. Treb? We took care of him for two weeks in Amsterdam.

Let me summarize a couple of important benefits for us as house sitters and pet sitters:

  • We take care of animals. We love animals. That is awesome! Do you need to be a pet lover? I don’t think so but it makes the job a lot easier 🙂
  • We don’t own a lot of stuff only what we carry on our backs (and 2 cubic meters at my uncle, thanks uncle)
  • We travel the world and live in different countries
  • We live in interesting, cozy and beautiful homes, apartments, estates
  • We meet new people everywhere
  • We have time to work online on our projects
  • We build an amazing network of wonderful people
  • It is an economic way of living
  • We stay flexible and become more creative
  • It makes us have trust in people

As house sitters we can live our life free, flexible and almost free of possessions. We can choose where we want to live. And when we want to do that. If we want to go to South Africa we go to South Africa. Brazil. We go to Brazil and if we want to go to Australia we just go there. Although we take into account our CO2 footprint and the cost of transport. You can describe us as slow travelers.  

It is an amazing feeling to know there is a community based on trust and taking care of each others pets and houses. We are lucky we created the life in which this is possible. I know I am lucky. But still I recommend it to everybody. Keep in mind that the way you live is a choice. You can make different choices. Choices that makes an adventurous, free and flexible life possible. Because we don’t have our own house, are able to work anywhere (the only requirement is wifi) and don’t have a schedule, we can respond positively to the house sitting assignments that appear on our path.

Do we experience downsides as house sitters?

It is hard to come up with downsides. The life of a house sitter is truly a life full of opportunities and joy. What I can think of is the following. It concerns problem solving and being the bearer of bad news (like last night, a fox killed six chicken). It is essential to be open and direct with other people.

If you live in a house which is not yours you feel bad when stuff ends up broken. It is normal when you live in a house that stuff breaks every now and then. I know that and you know that too. Because you use stuff, because some consumer articles are old. Because it is unfortunate. But it always feels uncomfortable when it is not your own stuff. 

Problem solving skills

I remember the first time something broke. A dog ate a little piece out of the skirting boards. it It was a puppy. Constantly we were alert. We kept an extra third eye on the puppy and nevertheless he got the chance to eat a piece of the skirting boards. We did what we had to do: ‘We informed the owners.’ Their response was kind and professional. I felt bad to tell them but I learned in the end is always better to be straightforward and avoid awkward surprises.

The skill problem solving is very important as a house sitter. Things can turn out different and you need to solve it. Be aware and feel responsible for the job. House sitting or pet sitting is a real job, always keep that in mind.   

Where do I find these best jobs in the world?

house sitter
This is one of the jobs we got via facebook. I love horses!

We find our jobs mainly in specialized facebook groups and word of mouth is very powerful as well now we have broad experience. Furthermore there are several international and national websites out there. You can become a member for a monthly fee and scroll through the database of sits and sitters.   

Read here how to become an excellent house sitter in 13 steps.

One final note

We gather references from our house sit assignments in a personal facebook group. We present ourselves online as house & pet sitters on our website. This is our job; taking care of houses and pets. We service people to have a careless absence from their home and pets and to feel comfort. We love what we do and hopefully we inspire you to do what you love and not let those roadblocks you possibly putted their yourself discourage you!

Do you like us as your house sitter or pet sitter?

If you read this and you need a house sitter because you want someone to take care of your sweet cats, dogs, pets, tropical residence or your ocean view cottage? Send a message and let’s get in touch.

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