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This is the #1 burning question people ask us all the time

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As most of you know JD and myself are a strange couple. We are in our 30’s but we don’t have our own home. We don’t have a mortgage and we don’t rent one. It has been more than 3 years ago that we had our own house.   

We might be strange because of other things too but I won’t go into that now.

I would like to tell you about the #1 question people ask us. When they hear more about how we live our lives they just want to know one thing. It is a question people ask over and over again.

You might think “how do they survive”

First a short background. How do we survive in this world without having our own house? That is easily answered. We are perpetual travelers and fulltime pet sitters. The past 1,5 year we have been pet sitting fulltime in Europe. That means we live in the home where the pets we are taking care of live. The true owners are out for holiday. We swap places with the owners. Like substitute pet parents.  

This is the burning question I am talking about

There is one element in our lifestyle that is really difficult to understand for most people.

“Don’t you ever miss your own home?!”

This #1 question is closely followed by #2:

“For how long can you live like this?”

For most it is difficult to grasp that we don’t get tired of not having our home.

And I must say, I really don’t.

Home is where my bags are

This is the meaning of a home to me

For me a home stands for a place where I can always come back to. It is the place where I can invite friends & family and where I can be on my own. Home is the one place where I can relax and where it is up to me what happens. Home is the place where “I feel at home” summarized in one sentence. Where my bed is and where I cook my food; that is home. I love cooking and eating. To call a place home, I should be able to stay there at least a week. To find my way and to discover where the dishcloth is hidden.    

Home is where I drink my coffee – this time in a small village in France

For me ‘home’ is not about being in my own building anymore. I feel at home at most places where we are house sitting. Although it is not my own building. It is the place where I live, although it is only for a few weeks. I make myself at home. There are a few preconditions though. The home should have a soul. And it should be clean, because I don’t like to be in other people’s mess. But these homely wishes never get challenged. Because at all places we are staying, people did their best to make the best out of their home. It is only the decoration styles that are different, not really the level of domestic bliss. I don’t really care on which couch I relax.

For JD home is where I am. And as long we are good (almost ) everything else doesn’t matter.

Home is where JD and I live together. I am a lucky girl to have him with me on this journey. We create our own home, not with bricks and furniture, but with our adventurous story!  

No own wardrobe?!

There are a few things we don’t have. We don’t have our own bed. We don’t have the opportunity to collect nice gadgets, furniture and clothing for example. Since we would have to move the stuff once in every weeks and that is not going to work with 30 kilos in bags and on trolleys. I like my life to be comfortable. And because we are living a nomadic lifestyle at the moment, that automatically means not having a lot of stuff. It would frustrate me to lug around with heavy suitcases. I don’t mind to have little stuff and clothes with me. As long as I like everything that is in my pack. I choose between 2 outfits every morning, not 40 outfits.  

My temporary wardrobe in another village in France

I feel I could live like this forever. Obviously I don’t know whether I will, but it is not necessary to mark a final date. This is the way I live now and it is a sustainable lifestyle. It doesn’t burn me out. I love it. It brings me to the prettiest places on this globe and the coziest homes.

We always ask homeowners to empty a wardrobe shelf for us, so we can put our jeans away and settle for a week or three and feel at home.


Do you think you could live like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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