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We are Marleen and Jandaan and we are fulltime house & pet sitters. We love to take care of your animals and home during your absence. Also, we like to share our pet sitting experience with you.

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Why we love to be house & pet sitters – an introduction

We love animals and we love to travel around. But how do we manage this lifestyle? For us the answer to this question is simple: house & pet sitting. House sitting entails a lot of things that are important to us. We love to be house & pet sitters. Because ..

  • We love animals.
  • Living in different places around the world enriches us.
  • and we are building up a nice social global network.

Since May 2017 we are fulltime house & pet sitters. If you like you can read our blogs about house & pet sitting.

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House & Pet sitting blogs



“We consider house & pet sitting as an important job. Your animals, home and garden deserve the best care.”


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Taking care of three amazing German Shepherds

We are available all seasons. Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or visit our facebook house sitting group here (and become a member too)

What do we do for you  as house & pet sitters?

  • We take care of your home and pets like if they were our own.
  • We do what we say, and we tell you what we do.
  • Openness and honesty describe us well, also when that means we have to bring you some (little) bad news. So you will exactly know what you get and what is happening when you are not there.
  • We stick to made agreements!

Our experience as house & pet sitters

We have experience with taking care of different kinds of animals:

  • cats & kittens
  • (big) dogs
  • horses
  • pony’s and donkey’s
  • chickens & ducks
  • sheep
  • fish
  • rabbits
  • pigs
  • administering medicine to cats and dogs

We have experience with different kinds of homes, properties & maintenance jobs:

  • swimming pools
  • filter systems & pumps
  • farms
  • estates
  • garden maintenance

What do people say about our house & pet sitters services?

Barbara de S. & Ted M. – Barcelona, Spain – 4 weeks in June & July 2018

While we were enjoying our amazing holiday on Bali and in the rest of Indonesia, during the whole month of July, our dog & house sitters Marleen van der Rijst and Jandaan Kamerling took care of our two big dogs and our house in Barcelona! Though I put them through some difficult interviews before we decided to trust two “strangers” in our house, I must admit that they have restored my faith in humanity! We agreed that they would arrive 2 days before our trip started and from the moment we met, we knew that they were GREAT people. It felt as if we had known them for years and they immediately settled in and even offered to cook for us on the second night! They had a real click with our big dogs and we left without feeling guilty towards our dogs…. a month is a long time. During our stay they stayed in touch, send us pictures of our dogs and when we came back yesterday, the house was extremely clean and very well taken care of and our dogs relaxed and happy! They had even prepared us dinner and some snacks, so we wouldn’t have to cook after our long flight! Thanks a lot Marleen and Jandaan, you have been life savers and it has been great to meet you! We hope to be able to use your services again in the near future and you can always forward future clients who would like a reference. Enjoy your new place and let’s stay in touch! XXX Family Meulenkamp

Pet sitting Barcelona

Nancy & Arjen B. – Du Morvan, France – 6 weeks in March, April & May 2018

Compliments to Jandaan and Marleen!

For almost six weeks they took care of our horses, donkeys, petting zoo, dogs and cats. We live in the Bourgogne, in the national park Du Morvan in France, where we run a holiday accommodation with a lot of animals around.

You can entrust Jandaan and Marleen with the responsibility for the pets and home with a light heart, and a clear conscience. They are very serious about their job as house sitters and truly love the animals. They dedicate a lot of their time to the animals as well. A few of the activities they did: keep going the fire of the central heating, feeding all animals, walking and cuddling our dogs (boxers), brushing the donkeys & pony & horses, bringing the horses to another meadow etc.

They kept us updated very nicely when we were away. We had a clear and smooth cooperation, which we appreciated a lot. We have also spent some time at our property when Jandaan and Marleen were there as well and that went very well. They are pleasant, nice and open people that are very cooperative. We sincerely hope they would like to come back in the future!

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Els van den B. – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 1 week in March 2018

Marleen and Jandaan took care of my cat in Amsterdam recently. I was very delighted with their sitting job and I sincerely hope that they are going to be in the Netherlands very often, hence they can sit very often!

house & pet sitters

Dirkjan de W. – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 1 week in March 2018

Marleen and Jandaan took care of these two members of my royal family when house sitting my botanical apartment in Amsterdam. They did a fantastic job! Ludwig & Kiki were well nourished and all of my plants flourished. Thanks a lot and I’d happily have you guys house sitting again in the future!

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Iris I. – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 3 days in March 2018

Very satisfied about Marleen and Jandaan as cat sitters. It was only for a few nights but it was nice they were able to sit on such short notice. On behalf of Mausi as well; thanks a lot! PS they prepare a delicious vegetarian Dutch pea soup.

Paivi H. – Spain, Sotogrande (Costa Del Sol) – 8 days in February 2018

We can’t thank you enough for giving us a chance to leave the furry babies home and sneak out for a family holiday! True win-win situation as dogs, bunnies and cats stayed happily home with the most animal friendly couple and we could relax and enjoy our holiday without worrying about them. Huge thank you and hope to see you soon again.

house & pet sitters

Inge B. – Spain, Sotogrande (Costa Del Sol) – 4 weeks in January / February 2018

These two beauties we left in the good care of Marleen van der Rijst and Jandaan Kamerling for almost 4 weeks! They bonded very well with them and gave them loads of cuddles and attention. Instead of worrying about our pets we could truly enjoy our holiday.
Highly recommend them!

house & pet sitters

Ellen & Gidon – Portugal (Algarve), Aljezur – 9 weeks in November, December 2017 & January 2018

Marleen and Jandaan stayed two months at our quinta. They are very committed to the care of the animals, the large garden and the house. We were regularly informed about the ins and outs of the quinta. They are reliable, friendly and patient housekeepers, which we certainly want to recommend to you.

house & pet sitters

Lotte W. – Germany, Hamburg – 5 weeks in September / October 2017

Jandaan and Marleen have been taking care for our four cats and our home in Hamburg for five weeks. Our contact to get to know each other better upfront gave us a good feeling and we decided to have them as our sitters.

They arrived in Hamburg a day before our departure, so that we could meet in real life and we could explain everything to them. The introduction with them and with the pets was good and confirmed the expectation we were a good match. So we could leave for our trip without sorrow and with a light heart.

We had to change our holiday plans due to private circumstances. So it felt even better that we could be away from home without worrying about practical things and the well being of the pets.

Besides, one of the cats is aged and needs lots of special attention. And medication on several moments of the day. Not everyone can cope with this but for Marleen and Jandaan it was not a problem at all.

During our absence we stayed in touch with them with messages and pictures, and that was very comfortable.

Our homecoming welcome was very warm: a cosy clean house and a perfect table with food. And satisfied pets that barely had missed us: perfect.

Therefore we can sincerely recommend Jandaan and Marleen!

house & pet sitters

Jannie R. and Jack D. – The Netherlands, Driebergen – 3 weeks in September 2017

To let unknown people live in your house for a few weeks trust is necessary.

Marleen and Jandaan gained that trust during our first meeting and they retained the trust upon homecoming.

They have taken good care of our home during our absence and left the house very neat. And that is a very pleasant way of coming back home when you are tired from a long trip back.

For us it is an obvious fact we will ask Marleen and Jandaan to take care of our home again in the future!

Anne Marie F. – The Netherlands, Amsterdam – 1 week summer 2017

I happened to have a glance on a house sitter website and within a few days I had a very relaxed introduction with Jandaan and Marleen. I made a marvelous choice for this couple as cat & house sitters.

The young kitten couldn’t stay home alone for two weeks. I clearly could see the cats had had a good time when I came back home.

Both relaxed, home felt as home, garden in good order and they even had left me delicious little things.

But most important is the fact that there was trust so that leaving my home to strangers felt good and there was no betrayal of trust at all at any point.

It also felt as a special introduction with 2 open and special persons.

Thanks again and I wish you well with everything that will come your way.  Sweet regards.

house & pet sitting

Stefan de K. – The Netherlands, Schalkwijk – 4 weeks summer 2017

Jandaan and Marleen have been sitting our house from Mid July until Mid August 2017. Our house is quite complicated to take care of and we have many animals (three dogs, chickens, peacocks, a pony, etc.), plants and land. But nothing was too much for Jandaan and Marleen. The pets didn’t miss anything, and were in a happy and healthy state upon our home coming. The house was as tidy as we had left it. When small things weren’t clear straight away, they reached out and the solution was easy.

Thanks to them (among other things) we have had a delightful and carefree holiday. And we didn’t have to start cleaning straight away when we got home. So we can highly recommend Jandaan and Marleen with great conviction. If you would like to know more, please send me a personal message.

house & pet sitters

Laura H. – The Netherlands, Amsterdam – 2 weeks summer 2017

Marleen and Jandaan took super great care of our cat Gerrit and home in Amsterdam. Every now and then Marleen would send me an update with picture of Gerrit. When we got home we found a happy cat, a clean house, and a small gift. I surely recommend them as house sitters!

Ron van der R. – The Netherlands, Utrecht – 4 weeks summer 2017

Every summer we have to search for a little while for someone who can keep an eye on our home, take care of the mail and water the plants. This year we found it very convenient that Jandaan and Marleen could take care of all of this.

It was very pleasant to get back home in a tidy and clean home. They even had taken care of a few small repairs. GREAT! Jandaan and Marleen, thank you very much for your house sitting.

Bea S. – The Netherlands, Utrecht – 2 weeks summer 2017

Marleen and Jandaan have lived in our home the first weeks of June 2017. With love they took care of our pet Suzie. Occassionaly I was sent a nice picture.

I was delighted to return to a tidy, clean house with a satisfied cat. Even with a small present in the form of a four-leaf clover! Thank you for your great care.