How to organise your electronics on the road

Whatever you decide to do in your big trip, I suggest you make awesome pictures. Your pictures are the best way to keep your memories alive. By choosing which situations you capture, you decide what will be on top of your memories. Twenty years later..

One of the worst things that could happen to you is losing all of your cherished pictures. Because of camera theft, losing your memory card, a crashing laptop for example. Storage in the cloud is a must. We use Google Photo’s for this purpose. For each Google account you get up to 15 gb free storage, and you can upgrade by paying. But there are other providers out there like Sync, Idrive and OneDrive. Think through in which quality you want to backup your pictures. When you are thinking of selling them once or using them for a website, backup in Raw format or high resolution.   

Smartphone or camera?

When you want to take pictures, you obviously need a camera, or you take them with your smart phone. Smartphone camera’s are surprisingly good nowadays. In case you are a digital nomad or you like to edit movies and pictures, a light laptop should be part of your luggage. Either a tablet or smartphone is easy for navigation with offline maps and to quickly search for information when you are on the road. There are a lot of useful apps for traveling out there, you can use them on one of the devices.

We compiled a list of the 18 best travel apps for travels. Make sure you download these apps for your long trip. 

Our electronic kit on the road

Our electronic kit on the road consists of:

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