Our story – the start of The Perfect Strugglers

Meet The Perfect Strugglers! Meet us. We live an out of the box lifestyle, filled with travel, struggles and adventure. The Perfect Strugglers reach out of their comfort zone and experiment with the unknown to make their dreams come true.

And of course we struggle sometimes, because that is what happens when you leave your comfy everyday routine.

Without struggling there is no learning. Without learning no growth. Struggling means progress. Struggling is just the beginning of something beautiful, so we believe. The Perfect Strugglers are Marleen and Jandaan.

Struggling, standing up, and making dreams come true

We have radically changed our lifestyle. The whole year round we live in different places and houses on this interesting globe. We travel, we meet people and we do business. We want our lives to be one great adventure. Independence, freedom, inspiration and meaning is what we search for. We explore the world and are self-employed.

A 9 till 5 job doesn’t satisfy us. The same we feel about living in the same house and country for years, and eagerly looking forward to the next holiday to come. Not because we disqualify this kind of life, but because we think there is a way of living that is more valuable for us now.

Everyone is struggling in his or her own way. We want to inspire you with our struggles towards building & living a sustainable and free lifestyle, and let you benefit from the lessons learned. And of course we share our victories and nice stories with you as well.

How it started

Once in a time there were two change management business consultants in the Netherlands. You could call it coincidence we shared the same kind of job. But maybe it wasn’t. We weren’t introduced via our job network, but we had a common interest in the behavior of people, and the complex business of changing people and organisations. We met each other, and fell in love.

Sitting in the bus in Java in Indonesia in 2014 – during a wonderful but hasty summer trip – we decided life is too short and the world too big for only three weeks of travelling per year. “Let’s make a world trip” we said to each other. And that is exactly what happened one year later.


Long trip
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Traveling is part of the deal

In the meanwhile we have adapted a different and free lifestyle. We travel the world for almost three years already. Being on the road has enriched our lives. We make choices more consciously. We experience we have plenty of time and space to reflect on considerations and on who we are or want to be(come).

Since we travel, we are better able to understand the complexity of the world and its working. Including migration flows, world politics, the emergence of nature phenomena, and the diverse cultures and perspectives existing next to each other. We feel room for inspiration and have started up our own business. We meet inspiring and open minded people from all countries of the world and make friends. And we shouldn’t forget to mention, we now know where to find the most beautiful beaches. Traveling enriches our lives. Traveling has become an indispensable part of our lives.

About The Perfect Strugglers
Very basic and fantastic living in New Zealand

What can we sink our teeth into? Traveling is not enough

This is one part of the story of the birth of The Perfect Strugglers. Quite early in our world travels we noticed that just traveling wasn’t going to be satisfactory for us on the long term. Besides the fact we couldn’t travel forever without earning money. And that brings us to the other part of the story about the start of The Perfect Strugglers.

Traveling most often means filling your day with indulging in beautiful and interesting things. A nice breakfast and a local market in the morning. Delicious lunch and a temple in the afternoon. And dinner, a dance show, a beer, and a good conversation in the evening. After almost a year of traveling we felt the urge and need to sink our teeth into something. We wanted to create instead of only experiencing and admiring.

About The Perfect Strugglers
Relaxing, admiring and exploring is great but not as the only activity always

A new world reveals itself

We need money to travel + we need a project → leads to the following google search: “how can I earn money with my website”? We discover a new wonder world in which fairies whisper in our ears that we can earn money online with affiliate marketing. And that it is super easy. And that there isn’t a reason not to join the group of successful affiliate marketeers. Full of enthusiasm and opportunism we start. After having bought ourselves a laptop.

Our first project is a virtual webshop with leggings and trousers for women. More projects to finance our lifestyle will follow in the future. Currently we earn on average $15,- per month with our websites. We live from our savings. We struggle, we learn and we grow. One day we will succeed. We are sure.

Our higher goal

The name The Perfect Strugglers originates from a situation in which we struggled. We were not on the same page as a couple and as business partners. We didn’t feel physically well and we didn’t know where to go with our business.

Being down and not being able to see opportunities anymore is not a good reason not to hold on nor to run away. It is not in our characters to choose the easy way; we like the bumpy but more promising and interesting road. This means we like to learn from challenging cases and expand our worlds this way. Secondly it means we invest in reward on the long term instead of focusing on instant easy comfort. We believe there is something beautiful hidden in all the struggles out there. That struggle is the beginning of something beautiful.

I saw ourselves sitting there in that cafe; struggling, putting a lot of effort in our dreams, being insecure but holding on. And I knew I was looking at The Perfect Strugglers.

About The Perfect Strugglers
This is us, again in New Zealand, one of the highlights of our travels

‘Our higher goal is to maintain a free lifestyle that serves us best, to master the new skills we need for that, and to inspire others – you – to choose the way of living that suits you best.’

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About The Perfect Strugglers

Marleen & Jandaan

The Perfect Strugglers


Do you like to learn more about The Perfect Strugglers? We are:

Excellent house sitters

A Digital Nomad couple

Busy trying to live a meaningful life 

To become more happy and keep on being happy.

And to live this meaningful and happy life we welcome the benefits of Mindfulness.

Of course there is more to The Perfect Strugglers. But this makes up for a nice start.

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