Mongolia horse trek adventure. This is my story of breaking my back and throwing with goats in Central Mongolia.

Mongolia horse trek adventures with the perfect strugglers

I realized I never wrote the “Breaking-my-back-in-Mongolia” story for theperfectstrugglersdotcom. So here it is:  my ‘How did I break my back memoires’ in Mongolia during our Mongolia horse trek.

In 2014 we decided to go for it. Chase the dream and live the consequences. Which meant quitting the 9-till-5 and selling the house. And go Read more

My struggle to become productive

Increase productivity

I can really annoy myself with my own behaviour while working on – for example – this blog. I want to write, I want to be productive. But I find myself scrolling through my Facebook wall, investigating posts I already saw the day before. Or I walk into the bathroom every five minutes; first to Read more