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Travelling doesn’t mean you can’t exercise anymore. Going for holiday shouldn’t necessarily withhold you from continuing doing sports. You only have to adapt your sport routine from back home and create your own travel exercise. You don’t need a whole gym to workout effectively. In this blog we give you practical advice about how to stay fit while you are on the road. Do you desperately need some motivation and a kick on your ass to get you going? Do you need inspiration for your perfect travel exercise? Read this post!

Perfect travel exercise #1 – A plank every day

Whatever other exercise you intent to do during your discovery, we suggest you do a plank every day. A plank is the perfect exercise for travel. You don’t need anything to do it (although a yoga mat is highly recommended) and your core strength will increase rapidly. It is so much fun to feel and see (use a timer) your progress every day. How it works: rest both your underarms (hands and elbows on the ground) and toes on the ground. Your body in between takes the shape of a plank. Make sure your body is straight, and that all your body parts are connected by tensioning the muscles. Hold this position as long as you can without dropping your hips. Better said; hold it for at least a minute, you can do this!

Perfect travel exercise #2 – Start your day good with yoga on your travel yoga mat

Our secret formula to start the day well – and that of tons of other people – is by practicing yoga. Do you want to focus on different poses and breathing, we recommend to try hatha yoga. Do you like to focus on gaining strength, go for power yoga. It is not necessary to know the yoga routines by heart. Just open and pick your favourite yoga instruction video. We are big fans of Yoga with Adriene: “Do what feels good”.

Make sure you have all the devices you need to stream the yoga videos

The fact you can do yoga on your own and you only need a small yoga mat as equipment makes yoga a perfect travel exercise. It relaxes you and it is a workout in one.

Invest in a light yoga mat

Don’t carry your big and heavy yoga mat from back home with you. Purchase a travel yoga mat if you don’t have one yet. The travel yoga mat of Hugger Mugger is for already a few years one of my favourite travel buddies. He is light. I can clean him with water. I can choose to fold him or to roll him while on the move. And he is a perfect support for my yoga practice, my plank every morning, and other exercises perfect for travel.

travel exercise - travel workout - yoga
Practicing yoga in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

Perfect travel exercise #3 – Bring your running shoes to go for a regular run

The good news is. If you like running back home, you can run anywhere! Just adjust your routine to the local style of running. So in countries with a warm climate you either run in the early morning with your eyes half at a breathtaking sunrise or you run at twilight time at noon. In the big cities you go to the big park to run your rounds and while at the coast, you kick out your shoes and go for a run on the yellow sand. Running is the perfect travel exercise because you get to see a lot from the most beautiful places. And it doesn’t necessarily give you extra luggage since you can use those hip sneakers you are already using for hanging around in a coffee bar.

Perfect travel exercise #4 – Hiking and trail running to keep up your fitness level

The most natural way of keeping on exercising during your trip is to go hiking in the beautiful nature around you. It will relax you, you get to see more of the surroundings and well, you train your body. Two of our favourite countries for hiking are New Zealand and Nepal. Read more about hiking in those two special countries in this blog LINK. But you can do hiking literally just anywhere. From wild forests to an urban hike in the city in the early morning.

For the ones a little more fanatic, more in shape, or both, running the hiking trails sounds like a good idea. You improve your condition and you will feel every muscle in your body the day after. Also the ones you didn’t know of you possess.

Not much is needed for hiking or trail running. Make sure you have good shoes to prevent injuries and get a map of the area.


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Plans for a long trip? Read here how to prepare in 22 easy steps!

Perfect travel exercise #5 – Jump rope

All boxers know it, and a lot of super models too; exercising with a jump rope is one of the best and most intense ways to improve your condition and strengthen your muscles. There are so many advantages about it. I will list a few here to convince you. Exercising with your new jump rope is very good for your locomotion. The rope doesn’t take a lot of space or weight in your bag. You can do it everywhere; in your hotel room, in the park, next to the swimming pool or at the beach. The exercises you can do with a jump rope are endless. That is why a jump rope workout is the best travel exercise on the road.   

Perfect travel exercise #6 – change sports temporarily: from playing tennis to surfing the waves

Show yourself flexible and enjoy what your surroundings are giving you. At home you might play tennis or basketball at the sports field that is close by. What do you do at the beach in Mexico, Bali or Vietnam? Yes, surfing the waves! What do you do in the beautiful mountains of New Zealand or France? Right, mountain biking! Be creative, adapt to what is there. Copy the locals, and join the locals. 

Travel exercise - travel workout
Join the locals in China – dance on the streets every evening

Create rhythm in your travel exercise

Just like back home. Make sure you create some rhythm in your exercising while on the road. Think about a plan – which sport and which moment of the day / week – and try to build in some discipline until you have created a new routine. And it is in your system to leave your hotel for a run in the city park around sunset.

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