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The 18 best travel apps that shouldn’t miss on your next trip

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What are the best travel apps? To travel nowadays means you travel with mobile devices. Your mobile device is a portal to an endless amount of apps. We are lucky (are we?) not to live in 1935 anymore. The time you had to ask for directions, send letters to your family and a boat took you to cross the ocean. Travel is a lot easier nowadays. But also more complex and confusing with all those options. We tested them for you. Make the most out of your travels with these 18 travel apps. They are our favorites.

Best travel apps # 1:

Best travel apps - for offline maps anywhere in the world

This app is super convenient. Wherever you go, you will have an offline map of the area with you. Accurate and user friendly. It’s working is comparable to Google Maps but you don’t need wifi or 3/4/5G. It makes you flexible and that’s what you want when you travel. offers you a lot of options. You have the choice to download just a part of the country, a region, so you can save precious gigabytes. We used in every country we visited. From NZ to India. From Chicago to Mongolia. It is one the best travel apps out there!

Best travel apps # 2: Instagram

Best travel apps - instagram
Your friends and family stay close with your appealing images on Instagram


This travel app doesn’t need an introduction. It is just one of the best travel apps out there. You share and connect moments with your loved ones without any effort. Instagram is your gateway to a broader international audience if you have travel blogging or travel vlogging ambitions.

Best travel apps # 3: XE currency

Best travel apps - XE currency app
Manage your currencies with the XE currency app

If you travel through different countries you will get confused by all the different currencies. Local currency rates change from day to day. And after the Rupees, Pesos, Dollars, Yen and Ringgits you don’t remember all the different exchange rates anymore. No problem. Use the XE currency app. It is always up to date and you can set 10 favorite currencies so you don’t have to search every time. Being aware of the exchange rate is an important part of budget travel. Learn more about how to travel on a budget in 10 budget travel lessons. 

Best travel apps # 4: Google Photos

Best travel apps - Google photos
Story your pictures safely with the Google Photos app

When you travel it is easy to store your photo’s in the cloud. We use the Google Photos app because it is for free, very use friendly and it is possible to make as many accounts as you like. You can store 15 gb per email address for free. So when you are out of giga’s create a new one. Or just pay of course when you like everything in one place. You can select the backup quality of your pictures, so think in advance what you want to do with your pictures. Another tip is to make pictures of your most valuable stuff – like your passport and visas and backup them in the cloud.

Best travel apps # 5: Weather Live

Best travel apps - wheater live
Beautifully designed Weather Live app

If you are out there exploring the world you sometimes like to know how the weather is going to be. You don’t to plan your special visit to the Chinese wall or Taj Mahal in shitty weather. This weather travel app is beautifully designed and fun to use. You can customize the travel app to fit your preferences. There are many weather travel apps out there but this one is perfect. Have a sunny day!

Best travel apps # 6: Uber

Best travel apps - Uber
Convenient taxi rides with the Uber app

By far the cheapest way to cruise around in other countries and cities, especially in developed countries. To our opinion one of the biggest pro’s of Uber is that you travel safe. In some countries it is not recommended to just hail a taxi on the street (like in Mexico City for example). Uber is your solution. You only need a cellphone and a credit card and you can start using Uber.

Best travel apps # 7: Couchsurfing

Best travel apps - couchsurfing app
Make new friends all over the world with the Couchsurfing app

The best way to experience local life is by joining the Couchsurfing community. The concept is very simple. There are hosts who offer their couch (means house) to stay and surfers who need a couch (which means a place to stay). The Couchsurfing platform connects the host and guest for free. The motivation is (and should be) an interest in cultural exchange.

The only thing you have to do is to build an appealing online profile – including reviews after some Couchsurfing experience – and write a killer message to request for a ‘couch’. By far one of the best travel apps out there. Do you want to learn about local culture? Download the travel app and start sending requests to bring your travel experience to another level.

Best travel apps # 8: Skyscanner

Best travel apps - Skyscanner app
The cheapest flights in a simple overview with the Skyscanner app

If you want to book a flight we recommend you to use the app Skyscanner. We tried many flight search engine apps (Google flights, Kayak) and we think Skyscanner is (still) the best in listing the cheapest flights available. Although we must say we ran into one recently we didn’t know yet, currently still testing. Have a look at best travel app # 9.

Do you prefer not to do the searching for the perfect flight yourself? Try Flightfox. They literally hunt for the lowest fare. Their promise is that they will always find a flight at least 50 USD cheaper than you do. They charge around 50 bucks for their service so it saves you time, money and stress. That is a clear win win don’t you think?

Best travel apps # 9: Hopper

Best travel apps - hopper
To wait or not to wait? Hopper the flight expert will tell you

When booking a flight ticket you know the price might go down. So it might be worth it to wait a little while. But at the same time you take the risk that the prices only rise and you end up with paying more. Hopper promises that they notify you at the moment you should make your booking for the lowest price possible. Isn’t that a nice deal?

Best travel apps # 10: Duolingo

Best travel apps - Duolingo
Learning a language was never so much fun before! With the Duolingo app

Always have wanted to learn a new language? Start using Duolingo. Duolingo makes you learn your preferred language in a playful manner, based on the latest science insights about how we learn. You also can use Duolingo in your browser. It is by far the easiest – and most fun – way to start to learn a new language. And it is completely free as well!  

Best travel apps # 11:, Airbnb, Hostelworld

Best travel apps - booking airbnb hostelworld
Easy room and dorm reservation with the familiar booking apps

When you travel it can be nice to book your room ahead; to know the price, location and looks. These three apps make a nice combination with information about interesting places to stay from your Lonely Planet, Rough guide or other guides. Most of the time we don’t use these apps but when we arrive somewhere late at night it is very comfortable to have a bed waiting for us. You don’t want to stroll around in the dark searching for a place to crash.

Best travel apps # 12: Agoda & Trivago – when you travel in Asia

These apps do their magic just as the hotel reservation apps Booking, Airbnb and Hostelworld. The difference? They are the best in Asia and offer you the best collection of rooms in Asian countries.

Best travel apps # 13: Campermate (NZ and Australia)

Best travel apps - campermate
Find the best campsites in NZ and Australia with the Campermate app

It is impossible to travel in New Zealand and Australia without using the Campermate app. This is the best travel app if you want to know where to camp in NZ or Australia. Find a supermarket nearby or a wifi spot. Fellow travelers leave their comments and tips and can add new places of interest. We think the best option in Campermate is that you can see clearly on the where campsites exactly are located and what they charge for staying overnight. Campermate can be downloaded for free.

Best travel apps # 14: Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook messenger

The reason we include these three travel apps in our list is: ‘it makes your phone calls cheap and real easy.’ The phone conversation quality of Facebook messenger and Whatsapp is slightly better than Skype. When you charge your Skype account with a few dollars you can even call to mobile numbers and landlines. All apps have chat functionality. Stay connected with the people you want to.

Best travel apps # 15: Find Penguins

Best travel apps - find penguins
Your own travel blog with nicely designed travel app Find Penguings

This is the blog site where we posted our travel blogs before we built this website. You keep record of all of your memorable trips since you can make new trips for every new travel experience. Want to have an idea how it looks? Click here to visit our Find Penguins website (in Dutch).

Best travel apps # 16: Google Translate

Best travel apps - Google translate
The Google Translate app is your lifesaver when lost in translation

Last years we have been in the situation that no one could speak one word of English frequently. When we wanted to order food, were asking for directions or just wanted to have a nice chat. Google does something very well, because this is the second Google app in our list. You don’t want to miss this one if you are travelling a little bit more adventurous than going to the Mexican riviera city Cancun. Thank you Google translate for rescuing our conversation and teaching us a few words of a foreign language.

Best travel apps # 17: BlablaCar

Best travel apps - carpooling BlaBlaCar
Cheap rides in 21 countries with the BlaBlaCar app. Happy carpooling!

BlablaCar is the world’s largest long-distance ridesharing community. Either fill up the empty spots in your car to share costs and have some company. Or find your ride to bring you from A to B. BlablaCar is a guarantee for cheap travel and interesting meetings. The community is active in 21 countries so far and more will follow. Are you in India, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico or any other country of the 21 countries? Simply download the app, create a profile and start carpooling.

Best travel apps # 18: Pocket Expense

Best travel apps - Pocket expense
Get grip on your financial situation with travel app Pocket Expense

When you travel money can run fast. Very fast. And there are more hours in the day that you can spend money compared to normally when you are stuck behind your desk. Keep track on your expenses and budget with this nice and simple to use app. Don’t forget to pay for the pro version because otherwise there is no guarantee that your data will get lost for good. The app gives an interesting insight in where your money goes. More travel on a budget – money saving tips in this blog. 

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