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We are glad you are interested in our Annapurna Circuit Trek packing favorites. Use this list for the Annapurna Circuit specifically, and for ANY other hike. So what do you pack for your (Annapurna Circuit) Trek? Actually it all depends on what kind of traveler you are. The weight of a full backpack ranges from 6 kilograms, the hardcore minimalist, to 20 kilograms, the hardcore safety prepper. It is all up to you where in the range you plot yourself.

In this blog we share our favourite Annapurna Circuit Trek packing tips with you. You benefit from our experiences.  As a bonus we also share some extra Annapurna Circuit Trek tips we gathered during our trek.

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4 tips for your Annapurna Circuit Trek

To start with we are happy to provide you with some very helpful tips to make your Annapurna Circuit Trek a huge success.

Decide what your essentials are. You don’t need everything on your trek. If you also have other activities in Nepal or you are on a bigger trip it is easy for you to leave things behind at your hostel, hotel or other accommodation. Be smart and leave kilograms behind at the base.

Don’t carry more than 12 kg with you. This one is in line with our first tip. If you are capable of packing maximum 12 kilograms for the Annapurna Circuit Trek you will help yourself when the real elevation starts. The higher you get the thinner the air and the harder it becomes. Every kilogram less is a present to yourself.

Be smart and travel slow. Perhaps you don’t agree but trekking the Annapurna Circuit is not a competition. As fast as possible is not the goal. Especially with the possibility of altitude sickness, it is important to listen to your body as Marleen already explained in her blog about the Annapurna CircuitYou can trek the Annapurna in 12 days or you can trek her in 2 months. Pick the pace that suits you and enjoy the beautiful nature and people along the way.

Icebreaker. This merino wool brand from New Zealand is our top favourite clothing for trekking and traveling in general. The wool is light, it breathes and it is odor friendly. 


The Annapurna Circuit Trek extra packing list

You can find the complete Annapurna Circuit Trek packing list in our blog about everything you need to know for the Annapurna Circuit. But in this paragraph I will highlight our favourite items.

Icebreaker Merino wool

First of all I start with Icebreaker. According to us this is the best brand for travel clothing. Before we took off to Nepal we were in New Zealand and we were able to buy some Icebreaker clothes in an outlet so we saved a couple of pennies. Did I already mention it is a kiwi brand from NZ?

What makes Icebreaker so special? Icebreaker is made of merino wool. This wool has a couple of characteristics which are very convenient when you travel.

  1. Merino wool is odor friendly. This means you don’t smell bad after a few days of wearing your Icebreakers. You don’t need to wash your Icebreakers as often as other material which is a big plus when you trek in the mountains.
  2. Icebreaker merino wool is super light. This helps you to reduce your kilograms.
  3. Merino wool dries super fast. So if you get wet or you do wash your Icebreakers it dries faster than a blink with your eyes.
  4. To optimize the functionalities of your Icebreaker merino it is best to use layers of merino wool. The wool connects to each other which provides more warmth. Perfect for your Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Take a look at Icebreakers philosophy and find out for yourself. Perhaps you become as addicted as we are and become an Icebreaker ambassador as well.

Which Icebreakers did we wear during our Annapurna Circuit Trek?

Jandaans Icebreakers at the Annapurna Circuit:

Marleens Icebreakers at the Annapurna Circuit:

We both wouldn’t travel anymore without Icebreaker. For us this is a travel must for every traveler.

Our backpacks during the Annapurna Circuit Trek

Marleen carried a Osprey Ariel and I used a Lowe Alpine. With the knowledge I have today I wouldn’t buy that backpack anymore. Because during my travels I learned what I needed and for me this means to travel light and minimalistic. 

At this moment I travel with a Fjallraven 38 liter backpack. I didn’t start with this minimalistic backpack and I think the Lowe Alpine is a perfect backpack to start with.

Marleens backpack –  The Osprey Ariel 65 

The Osprey Ariel 65 is a great all-round backpack. It can carry a lot. You have a front loader, ideal to get quick access to your stuff, and separate compartments. The Osprey Ariel 65 is adjustable. This is a very nice option to create your own fit.  You have extra pockets at the outside your Osprey Ariel 65 for extra food and drinks. You can attach many things to the bag to dry or just to carry a little bit extra. The Osprey Ariel 65 has also very firm hip belts. This makes your journey even more relaxing.

If you want to look into more details check out the Osprey Ariel 65.

Jandaans backpack – The Lowe Alpine 65 

The Lowe Alpine is a very comfortable and strong backpack. You can put everything in it you want. The bag has a front loader, two separate compartments, you can carry a water bag, it has a waterproof hose, a rescue flute and much more. Also the Lowe Alpine 65 has many strap on options. This is a good backpack to start with. You can learn what you like and what you are looking for in a bag.

Do you want to see more specs? Check out the Lowe Alpine 65.

There is nothing wrong with the Lowe Alpine 65 but for me at this moment it is too big. I transformed gradually into a travel minimalist so for this purpose I needed a much smaller backpack. If you consider yourself a minimalist don’t hesitate and look at this gorgeous backpack made by Fjallraven – Kaipak 38.  It covers all your minimalist needs. The Kaipak 38 looks simply stunning and is strong too.

Curious about the Kaipak 38 by Fjallraven? Check out the details for the Kaipak 38.

With these backpacks you are ready for the Annapurna Circuit Trek. No doubt about it.

Our electronics during the Annapurna Circuit Trek

In the list below we don’t mention all our electronics but only the ones we liked during the Annapurna Circuit Trek.

  • ereader – you can get a Kobo or a Kindle, both topbrands in the market. We had Kobo’s during our Annapurna Circuit Trek.
  • Ipad mini 4 – We love a Ipad mini during our travels. It is light and comfortable.
  • Nikon D5600 – Do you like our pictures? We shot them all with this Nikon. You can shoot video with it as well so you don’t need an extra device for it. This 24 MP camera suits us really good. Are you interested in purchasing a new camera? Check out the Nikon D5600 for sure.
  • Joby Gorillapod – We didn’t have this tripod when we were in Nepal. But now we do and we would have brought it when we would pack over again. The tripod gives you flexibility in shooting. It is light and it carries camera’s up to 3 kg. The Joby Gorillapod is a must have for your travels.
  • Logitech Keys-2-Go – We used our Ipad as a laptop. It served as a diary. We posted our photos on Instagram and the Logitech helped us with the #’s. If you want to write but you don’t want to carry your heavy laptop or Macbook up? The Logitech Keys-2-Go is a perfect solution to work with, in combination with your tablet.
  • Headtorch – Petzl makes high quality head torches. For your early ascend over the pass it is necessary to have one. Get your Petzl and be bright and safe.
  • Bluetooth JBL speaker – If you like music. Get yourself a JBL bluetooth speaker. It is a little powerfull and incredibly balanced speaker for its price.

Other essentials for your travels and your Annapurna Circuit Trek

In this section we explain a couple of more essentials that helped us a lot during the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Perhaps it is not new or exciting but we want to share them anyway.

  • Use a liner – It is cold. The blankets are really dusty and not too fresh. Jump in your liner and you sleep as fresh and comfy as a baby.
  • Use micro fiber towels – You want to have a shower every now and then. Towels are most of the time not included in the room you rent at the local guesthouses. Your micro fiber towels come in very handy at this point.
  • Get yourself sunscreen
  • Get yourself lip balm
  • and don’t forget your sunglasses and a cap!

How much food do I carry with me during the Annapurna Circuit Trek

It is not necessary to carry a lot of food with you. The trek offers a lot of eating possibilities. Every village and guesthouse has a menu card which offers more or less the same food as everywhere at the trek. If you like to have a little bit of power along the way buy  energy bars in Kathmandu or Pokhara. It is a little cheaper than on the Annapurna Circuit Trek. We packed for every day an extra power bar or Snickers. It depends on what you like. We are big eaters. The bars gave us just that little extra every afternoon.

Where do I leave my valuable belongings or left over kilograms during my Annapurna Circuit Trek?

Leave your belongings and extra kilograms behind in Pokhara or Kathmandu at your hostel or hotel. Your accommodation will provide this service because everybody leaves stuff behind and they like you to rent a room when you return from the trek. Make your trek a little bit easier by eliminating everything you don’t need during the Annapurna Circuit Trek. We did it too and we were very happy with this option.

You are prepared to enter the Annapurna Circuit Trek challenge. We hope you have a wonderful time out there. If you like our content don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

We struggle. You Benefit.

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