Mongolia horse trek adventure. This is my story of breaking my back and throwing with goats in Central Mongolia.

Mongolia horse trek adventures with the perfect strugglers

I realized I never wrote the “Breaking-my-back-in-Mongolia” story for theperfectstrugglersdotcom. So here it is:  my ‘How did I break my back memoires’ in Mongolia during our Mongolia horse trek.

In 2014 we decided to go for it. Chase the dream and live the consequences. Which meant quitting the 9-till-5 and selling the house. And go Read more

The life of a house sitter

House sitters on Ibiza

In this blog we tell you our story how we got hooked on a life as a house sitter.

We will answer the following questions and more. How did we start house sitting? What did we learn from house sitting? How do we deal with all the responsibilities?  Do you need to be a pet Read more